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Would you like to super-size that? 2007 February 10

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Drive through lawyer


BOHICA 2007 January 29

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Ah, here we are, half-way to becoming seasoned 2Ls. Didn’t think you’d make it this far, did you? Now be honest, how many of you considered dropping out? *raises hand* And yet, here we are, Oliver Twist-ing it and begging for more.

While I know we’re all slogging through the glory of 2nd semester, let’s take a moment to pontificate. <Insert lawyer joke here.> What’s different about this semester? What’s the same? What are you going to change? (Personally, the biggest change at my school has been in my fellow students — man, those grades really woke up our competitive streaks…)

And more importantly, what about those summer plans? You know, the summer where half the world tells you it’s your last chance to take it easy (ever?) and the other half tells you that if you don’t get a job, you’ll come out of law school with a plum spot at your local fast food joint. Or similiar. So what’s a confused, inexperienced 1L to do amidst the flurry of resumes and cover letters (other than duck when your fellow 1L lunges for the visiting associate from Anonymous Law Firm LLP)?

Question about summer funding 2007 January 23

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For those of you that get summer funding from your schools, how does it work? I am not 100% sure how mine works but I’ve heard there is a possibility that any work-study funds you get for the summer may be taken out of your student budget for the following school year. This was the first I’d heard of such a policy and it seems strange to me. If the money is meant to encourage people to take unpaid summer work, how is this going to encourage people who need the student loans in their entirety (as most people do). It seems smarter to do something unpaid part time and then take a paying part-time job unrelated to law so it won’t come out of the following year’s student budget. It seems like the only way you can get around it is by finding funding from some independent organization. Ugh… what to do?

a little light in a dreary day… 2007 January 23

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I think I’m starting to like law school. Maybe. I’ve had this month “off” because we had ADR, and now reading week (in which I am not reading). I don’t know what to do during my free time – I think it’s because I’m not used to having free time.

Perhaps it’s time to pop buy the drugstore and buy a Cosmo or Glamour mag. Oh to let my brain rot…

Please tell me why 2007 January 11

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When you have a 2-semester course with two different profs, they don’t work together to use the same book? On another book-related note, I tried to buy my books at my bookstore’s online site (won’t be in town until two days before classes start) to find that one book is listed at $37 more than the list price and another at about $55 more than the list price. I can see one typo, but what is going on with two books ridiculously overpriced? Is there some surcharge for paying early and picking up your books later? That makes no sense. My grades are already in the crapper and now they want to rip me off? Sigh.

Update: My prof hasn’t given the blue book a glowing review either, but claims it is the best of the bunch. Now that we’re in the second semester, profs aren’t nearly so enthusiastic about the 1L course material or are really trying their best mix it up a bit. I actually did a graded assignment tonight. What, a non-LRW class that has assignments? Who knew?

damn courttv. 2006 December 18

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i hate court shows. i really do. they’re ridiculous and give the wrong impression of what goes down in court. i’m also convinced they’re fake irrespective of what they tell you in the opening credits.

but i can’t stop watching them when nothing else is on. i have taken to guessing the outcome based on actual law. your res ipsa case sucks! and conversion doesn’t need ill intent! it’s kind of bad…

Exams: Closed or Open book? 2006 December 2

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My Chicago Law bud is shocked I have a closed book CivPro exam (alas). Actually, all but one of my exams are closed book. I don’t know if it’s a school-specific thing or if that policy changes as you go further up the rankings. Any ideas?

Crunch Time 2006 December 2

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Yeah- I should be studying. I’m just finishing up one of my outlines, which I’m wondering if I will ever use again. I made an outline for my research class and found it to be pretty worthless in terms of helping me learn things, but I don’t know what else one can do for that class other than memorize and regurgitate. I feel like E&Es and practice exams (the, oh, 2 that we actually get here) will be more useful than just trying to memorize my outline. I guess the outline is nice to have, but I will see whether it serves its purpose enough for me to waste time next semester doing it again.

Retrospective 2006 November 27

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I am sitting in property. My professor is reading the notes he put up on the internet for us. This is useless. Instead I am choosing to write my first post in a while because this is my last week of classes and I think sharing a little reflection on my first semester as a 1L before finals is better than doing it afterwards (you know, when i’m drunk/hungover/tired/trying to forget).


What’s the normal length of a reading period? 2006 November 26

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Mine is 2 days, which seems really short. What’s typical? I’ve heard people get a week.