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Do most schools have this? 2007 February 15

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My school used to have an open study group that was lead by people who were on law review or otherwise did well, but now it’s limited to people who the school has determined might need more help academically. Of course most of the students in the group are minorities- way to welcome people by saying, “Hey, we just accepted you because we need to be more diverse.” I always assumed the study group was something voluntary set up by a few clubs because it would never occur to me that a school would have something like this. A few points on the LSAT could be attributed to a bad day at the test center, lack of time to study, or the fact that many other people spent $800+ taking prep courses.


Question about summer funding 2007 January 23

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For those of you that get summer funding from your schools, how does it work? I am not 100% sure how mine works but I’ve heard there is a possibility that any work-study funds you get for the summer may be taken out of your student budget for the following school year. This was the first I’d heard of such a policy and it seems strange to me. If the money is meant to encourage people to take unpaid summer work, how is this going to encourage people who need the student loans in their entirety (as most people do). It seems smarter to do something unpaid part time and then take a paying part-time job unrelated to law so it won’t come out of the following year’s student budget. It seems like the only way you can get around it is by finding funding from some independent organization. Ugh… what to do?

Please tell me why 2007 January 11

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When you have a 2-semester course with two different profs, they don’t work together to use the same book? On another book-related note, I tried to buy my books at my bookstore’s online site (won’t be in town until two days before classes start) to find that one book is listed at $37 more than the list price and another at about $55 more than the list price. I can see one typo, but what is going on with two books ridiculously overpriced? Is there some surcharge for paying early and picking up your books later? That makes no sense. My grades are already in the crapper and now they want to rip me off? Sigh.

Update: My prof hasn’t given the blue book a glowing review either, but claims it is the best of the bunch. Now that we’re in the second semester, profs aren’t nearly so enthusiastic about the 1L course material or are really trying their best mix it up a bit. I actually did a graded assignment tonight. What, a non-LRW class that has assignments? Who knew?

People who annoy me 2006 September 9

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I may be a complete bitch, but I have to admit that people who go on and on about how 1L is the hardest thing you’ll ever experience really get on my nerves. I am not going to go so far as to say that it’s easy, but it’s certainly not all that. Yes, you get graded on one exam for the entire semester and really have no clue how you are really doing until that time. It’s also graded on a curve and it’s competitive. We get the point.

Ultimately the experience is going to vary from person to person. Many people have other life experiences which make law school pale in comparison, while many are going into law school without having really done anything to challenging themselves. Some people have advanced degrees and have left demanding jobs, while others are coming out of undergrad with no work experience of note. Even though it seems like a lot of law school is based on whether you’re able to guess what one person thinks or is looking for, what in life isn’t like that? Many times, you’re not just trying to find what one person wants, but trying to balance what two, three, or even 350 people want and need, and the feedback may be rare or nonexistent until you find that you’re out on the curb with no job.

We have a lot more control in law school than we have in those other situations. It’s up to us how much time we spend studying and how we study. If you don’t do well because you have poor time management skills or are busy going out all the time, it’s not law school’s fault, it’s your fault.

Of course, my absolute favorite is how after you’re in 1L and not feeling so bad, everyone makes sure to tell you that it pales in comparison to 2L…

I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign up for this… 2006 September 2

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When I picked my school, I was assured that it was an open and welcome environment for people from all faiths and backgrounds. While people are open to discuss morality and religious issues in class, it wasn’t something that was going to be shoved down your throat. Apparently my fellow students didn’t get the memo.

Yesterday, we were having a class discussion about a fairly innocuous topic that had two options from which to choose, and one woman explained that since this is a Catholic law school, we should all be thinking about sin. In that case, no one in their right mind would choose one of the options. The professor tried to clarify her position and she actually went so far as to talk back to him! Another student entered the conversation and prefaced his statement by saying, “I’m a good Christian…” and making some sweeping generalizations about how you should think if you, too, are Christian.

I found both students’ comments relatively offensive, in that they implied that people who aren’t Catholic or “good” Christians are somehow less moral than everyone else. I spoke to a few people who agreed with me, and I am sure there were others in the class that were equally unenthusiastic about the turn of events. To me, it just seemed like they were so out of left field and that people who really understood what they read would not have made those comments. While I think it is great that people can talk about their religious/moral views in class, I think it is wholly inappropriate to share your opinions in a judgmental and exclusive way that makes other people feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. One person I spoke to who went here for undergrad said that he never saw such behavior in his classes and that it probably would not have been tolerated. I’m just crossing my fingers that this is just a one-time or rare occurrence or I may be filling out a transfer application.

Update: The same student went way off on a religious tangent today and the prof more or less quashed it by saying that certain language was not meant to be taken literally and that anyone who did use the defense in the literal sense of the word was probably insane. Maybe the student has gotten the idea that no one is really interested in her queations that go way beyond the scope of the class.

My deep, dark secret 2006 August 21

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I am at a school where people are obsessed with football. To be quite honest, I don’t care much for football. Actually, that isn’t entirely true, but the thought of ultra-enthusiastic fans with cult-like cheers that resemble Japanese baseball fanaticism just disturbs me a bit. I want to sit around, chat, and eat lots of concessions. Here, they just describe people as so spirited that you can’t sit at all during the game. What a fantastic sales pitch to people who aren’t quite so interested in sports. Then again, those people are probably female and decided not go to here. I’m still trying to decide whether to spend the $200+ on the experience.

Law Professors Are Evil… 2006 August 21

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and it’s only the first day of class. Upon opening up my Property book to read tomorrow’s assignment I was greeted by a horrifying paragraph. The first two sentences said something about leasehold possessory states, freeholds, seisin and other such stuff. Yeah, what the hell, right? I pulled up Black’s on Westlaw to discern a definition or two but to no avail. I seriously needed a dictionary to understand the dictionary. I eventually turned to one of the 2Ls I know sitting across from me and forced him to explain the two sentences. It made sense. I explained it to my friend who had joined me. Then I moved on to chapter six, away from this lone paragraph from hell that took me probably 20 minutes to understand.

Now, why are law professors evil? Oh, because he threw us that nasty paragraph knowing we would be confused and in need of some dictionary research and deep though processes and THEN made us read (in another part of the book) the simple definitions and ideas behind that paragraph. Oh yes. He assigned that sucker to mess with us.

Gr… 2006 August 16

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It’s only Day 4 of Orientation and I’m already dreading spending 3 years with some of my classmates. I won’t go into specifics, but there were some truly childish displays of behavior by some of my sectionmates during one of our school-planned “activities.” I honestly can not believe how juvenile they were — how downright, ridiculously DUMB. What kind of person pays $150k to relive their high school days? And yes, it really was that bad. Not even seniors in high school — more like freshman behavior.

Immature people really bother me. At this point in our lives, you have to make an effort to be that way. I wish they’d just taken the time to grow up before coming to law school. It’s like they’re playing Pretend To Be a Grownup, but instead of wearing Mommy’s jewelry or driving Daddy’s car, they’re trying on a career instead. So much for the “professional” in professional school.

Orientation 2006 August 15

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Orientation has got to be the most awkward experience of my life. It is also a very telling experience–about myself and about others. Since I am up at 7:20 in the AM to do forced community service (I signed up for office work of the sorts but am getting stuck painting in painting clothes I do not have), I’ll add to this post later.

15 hours and counting 2006 August 12

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I’ve spent way too much time yesterday and today waiting to get cable installed. It must be some rule somewhere that cable companies must give you a gigantic window and not show up until after the window ends or maybe not at all. The worst thing is that you know the second you leave your house, the cable guy will arrive on time. Yesterday, one guy arrived a full 105 minutes outside of the window and then by the time he left at 8:30 3 other cable guys and a cable girl had also arrived. Nonetheless, they were not able to get the cable set up and promised that someone would come today.

Today I waited until 7:15 for someone to show up only to get a call at 7:30 from another cable guy saying he would have to come on Monday to install a new cable line. Considering the fact that no one actually came to my house today, you’d think that they could have discerned that yesterday so I could have done something other than sitting around the apartment working to get around the faulty install CD the company gave me to set up internet access. My parents are leaving tomorrow and we didn’t get to do anything interesting today because I was stuck here. All I have to say is that I’d better not be waiting until 8 on Monday or I’m going to be furious.

Update- it’s now almost 4 on Monday and have I received a single call from Cable Installer guy? No. Was the customer service line any help whatsoever? No. THey told me they can only send out cable setup people and not the line installers- the line installers have to be dispatched by the cable setup people. That’s all well and good assuming your cable installer guy is actually freaking reachable. My guy’s phone has been out of service all day. I finally went to the property management and told them I can’t wait around any longer.