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Would you like to super-size that? 2007 February 10

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Drive through lawyer


Sleep! Crazy People! Checking in from the frozen north… 2006 September 6

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…okay, it’s not quite frozen yet. Eighty degrees and sunny, actually, but I’m sure we’ll get there in no time.

Anyhow, class just started for us on Tuesday, and because of the way my schedule shakes out, today was just absolutely brutal. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep Monday night because I was unproductive basically all weekend, and then Tuesday night, same problem (owing to having all four classes today, spanning from 8:45 until 3:45). On my way home today after class the phrase “cause of action” popped into my head, unsurprising since it came up repeatedly in Contracts and/or Torts. The surprising part was my reaction: “I have no idea what a ’cause of action’ is.”

Lesson learned. Not only does sleep make schoolwork such as briefing cases take longer (I have not timed myself, but I am fairly certain of this), it also effectively shuts down your brain. I’m thinking weekends are going to be a bit on the important side — not for catching up on sleep and relaxing (although those things, where possible, would certainly be nice), but rather for getting enough work done so that it’s possible to maintain a reasonable sleep schedule throughout the week.

I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. Can other people function normally when sleep-deprived?

And, random thought because I just now briefed this case for Torts: McGuire v. Almy is by far the worst case I have read in my (very) short career as a law student. If anyone else has read that, I’d be curious to know if you had the same reaction. While I dislike the outcome, it doesn’t help that the case is terribly reasoned, and that the court admits that no law exists on the matter (insanity as a possible defense for liability on torts of intent) and it’s just inserting the policy it deems “best” (or at least, it thinks it is — I think it is not applying that policy to the facts of the case).

Settled 2006 August 7

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That is how I am feeling at the moment. I spent this past weekend in a non-stop shop frenzy. You name it, I was there and I bought it. My mom flew into town on Friday because she actually had to work. We finished unpacking, cleaned, and stocked up my apartment. I did not realize how much money it takes to get setup with regards to food staples, cleaning supplies and toiletries. I’m curious as to how people recently out of undergrad who do not have parental support move across the country/get settled in new apartments. I suppose I am lucky.

Now that my apartment is settled, minus the pictures on the wall and a set of curtains, and my parents have left me, I have time to think. I had a few ‘WTF am I doing here?’ moments earlier. I think they spoke more to my introvertedness and disdain for forced social situations than the work I am about to embark on. Truthfully, hard work, a little initial confusion, and stress don’t bother me at all. I actually thrive off of these things. I’m just a bit petrified of starting over socially. I don’t make friends too easily (although I must say that I am much better now than I was 4-5 years ago), and I tend to get easily fed up with large groups of people. I like to hide and people watch. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy being around people and being alone isn’t necessarily my favorite thing, but sometimes I just need to walk away. I think I am afraid of offending people or perhaps shutting myself out unintentionally.  Ah. The perils of starting over. It’s all so uncertain.

1800 miles later… 2006 August 4

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So, you knew it was coming. I have moved. This post is dedicated to the road and here is a list of things that came to light as I crossed the country.

1. 97.7fm is a great station for crossing the first four states of my journey. My hardcore fm transmitter & ipod made my journey great.

2. Assholes who do not put their lights on while in blinding rain suck at life. Those who put on their emergency flashers win.

3. Cruise control is an amazing feature. No tickets were had–not even in ‘go 3 miles over the speed limit’ crap states like TX & OK. (more…)

Crocs, Geeks, and Stupidity 2006 August 1

Posted by Lily in Randomness, Society & Culture, TV/Movies.

TiVo recorded something about Sarchosuchus, a giant 30-to-40-foot crocadile that lived 110 million years ago. Paul Serreno, a palentologist at the University of Chicago, thought it would be a good idea to study live crocs to understand their fossilized cousin. Now, those of you who watch the Discovery Channel on a frequent basis know where this is going: a group of 5 or 8 men grab the animal with ropes, then sit on her, and put tape over her eyes before her put them in a pickup truck and take her to the lab.

My question is this: why don’t they get rope, shoot a tranquilizer into the animal while she’s still in the water, and then pull her out, wrap up her muzzle, and put her in the pickup truck?

Now, because tranqs were developed on mammals, I can understand why that approach may not work. However, if tranqs are ineffective, there’s still another, natural substitute you can use: lactic acid. The documentary noted that crocs produce far more lactic acid much more quickly than most mammals, which is why they didn’t have to restrain the animal after a certain point. But if that’s the case, doesn’t it make more sense to just let the animal thrash around in the water for a little while longer until he tuckers himself out, then drag him out and secure him?

My tentative hypothesis is that it’s a combination of machismo and being at the bottom of the scientific hierarchy: they’re just a bunch of geeky guys who want to prove to themselves that they are even manlier than the nerds upstairs in the physics department.

Social Networking Sites– What’s the Obsession? 2006 July 31

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I’m going to preface this by saying I do have accounts at a few places. I check one, only because my high school magnet program has an alumni group. Aside from my alumni status, I have no personal information on my account and a picture of me in a costume so I’m not recognizable. What inspires people to post their blogs and photos on social networking sites where everyone (including employers) can find them easily? Don’t they know about the people who have lost their jobs because they had blogs about work? I admit I had a blog about work when I worked abroad, but the chances of my coworkers finding and understanding it was fairly unlikely. Why do some people feel like they need to have as many “friends” as possible?

I’m just trying to understand this whole trend and I just can’t figure it out. I don’t understand why people rush to join their Facebook group when they get into a law school. Is there any innate benefit to Facebook that I don’t know about? My school has a message board you can use to get in touch with fellow classmates that seems to be just as efficient.

psst 2006 July 30

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Oh yes: and did you guys notice that the search term that gets us the most visits is “law school nerds”?

Um… yay? 😀

And now, for something completely different 2006 July 30

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Okay, I admit it. While I may scoff at horoscope-reading, aura-gazing, fortune cookie-believing kooks, I do have a weakness for personality typology. It’s likely to involve just as much self-projection as the other methods, but gosh darnit it, I just can’t help thinking Jung had something going there. Which may explain why every time I see a link to the Meyers-Brigg typology test, I just can’t help but take it, even though I’ve always been an ENFP (aka Champion Idealist) and likely always will be. I periodically read the descriptions (Heiss and Butt — heh — are eerily spot-on)… it keeps me aware of my faults, like stepping on the scale every day to monitor my weight.

What do you guys think about personality types? And more relevantly, what do you think the ideal “lawyer” personality type would be? According to Butt (heh), my type is actually more suited to journalism, which was my original career goal (I’m a rebel. Yup, that’s me). If anyone gets the “lawyer” type, will you let us know? I’d get bored too quickly to look it up myself — I may have “zany charm,” but I also have a “short attention span.” Ask Butt (heh). Okay, ok, actually that was from Heiss, I believe. Still: Butt. Poor dude. 🙂

…But I Still Haven’t Found Who I’m Looking For 2006 July 29

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I don’t know about the rest of you starry-eyed lawyer hopefuls, but I am painfully single.

It’s not that it hurts to be single. In fact, I much prefer being alone to being lonely in a crappy relationship. I like singledom right now – because I’m moving out of the city, because I don’t have any ties to the city besides relatives and friends, because I’m starting a new life away from the men of my past.

What’s painful is my inability to find another man out there compatible with me. Or my perfect man’s inability to find me! Yes, I’m young. And yes, I still have lots of ripe eggs. And yes, I’m not looking to settle down right now. But I wonder if I will ever find that person that fits me, that gets me. There have been moments where I fooled myself into thinking that so-and-so was for me. But he ended up being…well…not.

I know this sounds awful – but no guy I’ve ever dated could match me. Their collective faults that outweighed the positives are many – boring, lazy, deluded, deep in denial, abusive, egocentric, self-aggrandizing, low self-esteem, etc. I tried being the mother, I tried being the caregiver…but hey, it’s not my job to nurture them vis a vis being their shrink. I want to find someone who is already whole – or who at least is willing to work on themselves (I would put myself into the latter category).

So this is how my post relates to law: I’ve been told that the chances of me marrying a fellow lawyer/law student are about 80%. Apparently I’ll find people in law school who possess all or at least most of the following traits: analytical, detail-oriented, strong-willed, kind-hearted, pulled-together, very intelligent, socially able, articulate, fun-loving…everything I could possibly want in a man.

I’m sorry if I come off sounding like a whiny elitist (hey, maybe I am…haha). It just sucks when I see obstensibly happy couples walking around with their fingers intertwined – I envy them. I used to wish sometimes that I was of bright average/average intelligence so that I could truly happily dating a guy of bright average/average intelligence. Those men are more plentiful than the man of my dreams – the man of impossible intelligence, kindness, creativity, and secure sense of self. Sigh!

Bits and Pieces 2006 July 27

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The lovely thing about my new school is that they let you take your own student ID/career services photo and send it in… the problem with that is that you have to decide what it looks like — do you dress up? dress down? smile? scowl? be professional or casual? These are important questions, people.

In other news, I started packing a month ago. I thought it would be a good idea because when I pack for long stretches, I tend to degenerate into dumping stuff in boxes willy nilly. Kitchen utensils? Paper clips? Odd scraps of paper? toss ’em in with my shoes. I’ll sort it when I get there, dammit! I had hoped that starting early would keep me on the organized Sharpie-marked track. It worked — sorta. At least I boxed the shoes with socks, not rolling pins.

…it’s interesting the stuff you find while going through your old things, though. Cringingly embarrassing old diaries (oh lord, did I really write “his gaze leaves me in ecstasicies” (sp)…. yes, yes I did), vintage photos (hey look! it’s a poodle-human cross! no, wait, that’s just me with a perm), lost trinkets that used to be so precious (Tamagochi, anyone?). It makes you remember your childhood and in my case, that’s a beautiful memory. I was given so many things — stuff, yes, but also opportunities, chances, encouragement in everything from school to creating an actual flying broom (don’t ask). So here’s to my parents — especially my dad — who allowed me to gather these bits and pieces, these memories… and who still believe in me so much that they want to keep it all in case I become famous and they can open a museum. Which is fine by me, but that diary? Never gonna see the light of day.