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Duck, duck, duck… GOOSE 2006 August 26

Posted by schooled in Classes, Professors.

So I’ve survived my first week of law school… there are several things I could talk about, but one topic I know many 0Ls worry about is how we’re called on in class (at least, that was one thing I was curious about). It varies from school to school, of course, as well as from professor to professor, but here’s a breakdown of my own experiences. Maybe it’ll make you feel a little more prepared, maybe it won’t.

In one class, the professor makes you stand up for the entire class and answer question after question. If you get it wrong (after several excruciating tries), he’ll take a volunteer, then hone back in on you. If you’re prepared, it’s awesome–you look like a bad ass and you get instant respect. If not, you get reamed. Both have happened, but not to me.

In another, the prof chooses two people and bounces between them the entire class. He’ll ask Person #1 a question. If #1 gets it right, the prof goes to #2. If #2 gets it right, he’ll go back to #1. And so on. If you get it wrong, he’ll get the correct answer from the other person or a volunteer, then ask you the next one… so you can redeem yourself, I guess. This particular prof also has a “point person” he’ll call on almost every class for the entire semester. That, of course, appears to be me. Hooray.

Another prof will call on a different person for each case. Depending on how many cases you cover that day, it can be anywhere from one to seven people.

Most of the profs won’t call on you again until they’ve gone through everyone once. Unless you’re the point person. Hahahahahah…. 😦

None of my profs uses a purely Socratic method–we generally know when we get it right or wrong. Although sometimes it takes a while to get there, we usually get an answer in the end.

Anybody else care to share?


Law Professors Are Evil… 2006 August 21

Posted by stephaniesays in 1L, Professors, Rants.

and it’s only the first day of class. Upon opening up my Property book to read tomorrow’s assignment I was greeted by a horrifying paragraph. The first two sentences said something about leasehold possessory states, freeholds, seisin and other such stuff. Yeah, what the hell, right? I pulled up Black’s on Westlaw to discern a definition or two but to no avail. I seriously needed a dictionary to understand the dictionary. I eventually turned to one of the 2Ls I know sitting across from me and forced him to explain the two sentences. It made sense. I explained it to my friend who had joined me. Then I moved on to chapter six, away from this lone paragraph from hell that took me probably 20 minutes to understand.

Now, why are law professors evil? Oh, because he threw us that nasty paragraph knowing we would be confused and in need of some dictionary research and deep though processes and THEN made us read (in another part of the book) the simple definitions and ideas behind that paragraph. Oh yes. He assigned that sucker to mess with us.