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Law school has made me… 2006 September 8

Posted by stephaniesays in 1L, Party.

1) an alcoholic. well, and one of those people who believe a tuesday night is just as great as a friday night for going out. did i do this in undergrad? no. why do i do it now? because there is nothing to do here but drink, sleep, eat, and watch tv/movies.

2) a dork. a big dork. my friends and i have entered the realm of law dork. we make jokes about torts (battery and assault, tortfeasors), argue about whether or not it was actually a tort we just committed (intent? offensive? apprehension?), sit in the commons and discuss the cases we read. hell, we even quote the great lines and words from cases we read. we do this at school, at home, online and in bars. we are THAT ridiculous. but it is so much fun!

3) more social than i have ever been in my life. i am not kidding, either. i am nearly never home except to sleep, shower, and sometimes eat. i go out a lot, stay and study with people a lot, etc. this is really odd considering that law students by default have some social defects.

4) highly paranoid. i want to kick anyone talking about me. this is a reversion to (junior) high school mode.
um, what is my point? my point is that life is good! law school, minus a psycho professor, is hilarious. once you find the people that you get along with, things begin to pick up pace and life gets to it. i will probably be singing a different tune in a few weeks when my second writing assignment is due, but that is okay. right now i am enjoying myself and my peeps. 🙂

but i do miss my dog.