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a little light in a dreary day… 2007 January 23

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I think I’m starting to like law school. Maybe. I’ve had this month “off” because we had ADR, and now reading week (in which I am not reading). I don’t know what to do during my free time – I think it’s because I’m not used to having free time.

Perhaps it’s time to pop buy the drugstore and buy a Cosmo or Glamour mag. Oh to let my brain rot…


Procrastination Station 2006 August 26

Posted by Lily in Articles, Links.

Because the whole your-brother-made-law-review-and-for-once-you’re-not-really-twins-you-have-an-older-brother—-one-who-set-a-very-very-high-standard-for-you-to-live-up-to thing is freaking me out, I’ve been reading the angry feminist blogs.

These two articles are worth reading — even if you have a million cases to brief. One is a book review of I Do, But I Don’t (be sure to check out the comments — they’re as interesting as the article), and the other is a follow-up.

Off to building Ikea furniture I go!

Lil’ E’s new favorite blog 2006 August 1

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I’m in awe of this woman.

If nothing else, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one whose career was delayed for years thanks to academic discrimination.