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2007 May 12

Posted by stephaniesays in Law Review.

i’ve been done since the 4th. i then went on a drinking binge. picked up my journal write-on packet (400 pages), put it away for two days, and watched some baseball and hung out with people. yay. finals were sooo much better this time around. phew.

the write-on competition is ridiculous. i hate it so much. it’s a pain in the ass and meticulous and all i want to do is sleep, especially since i am driving across the country on tuesday (i got a nice job in CA for the summer. woo!). le sigh. i’ve lost my mind and am writing songs. for instance, my faux rap song:

my name is steph-a-knee and i am cite-in. the law school likes to torture me but you are gonna see…that i ain’t givin in until i win. fuck sleep.


Obsession 2006 August 2

Posted by blackfelix in 0L, Law Review, Rants.

So, I’ll admit it — and only because this nom de blog gives me at least the appearance of anonymity. I want to make law review. Like really bad. Like, I’ll die if I don’t make law review.

Okay, well maybe I won’t die. There are plenty of other things to look forward to in life (the Mets winning the World Series, sex, good food and company, sex, family, more sex). But making law review is really high up on my priority list, for some reason.

Part of it is fairly practical: I am interested in appellate litigation. Most appellate litigators are on law review. If I want to be in appellate litigation, I should be on law review. Seems innocent enough, no?

But then I think part of it is certainly rooted in my own self-satisfaction and need for external validation. I’ve always considered myself a fairly intelligent individual. And I feel as if I have a special aptitude for legal studies. So what happens when I end up middle-of-the-pack grade-wise, or I don’t make law review? Both are strong possibilities. How do those two phenomena speak to my supposed legal-genius-in-training-dom?

All of this introspection was sparked by the recent announcement of the newest members of the law review at my school-to-be. Two of my good friends made it, one did not. The two friends are both brilliant. I share a scholarship with one of them — perhaps that means that I, too, am brilliant enough to make law review. The other one I’ve been able to engage in intellectual discussion about the law, though I’m a year behind (then again, he was probably dumbing down his comments for me). Hmm, maybe there is hope for me.

Maybe I shouldn’t care.

Yes, I know admitting this makes me a gunner. Yes, I know I sound obsessive. Yes, I probably won’t make it. But it does bear thinking about. I need to talk myself out of making the law review the “end-all-be-all” of my early legal career; it certainly can’t be healthy.

I feel like Kanye West here: “We all law-review-conscious, I’m just the first to admit it…”