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3 Things I want to know 2006 July 25

Posted by bostonlegal in Introductions.

So, in the spirit of making this blog useful to our readers, and the lack of formal introductions that the contributors (including myself) have made, there are three things I think we should all post (though, as our wonderful admin. Schooled pointed out, it is by no means mandatory :)). We could put it together in one section or something. it’s not really for my benefit, more really for people who might just read this to get a sense of different personalities, experiences, goals, etc…

1) Why Law school (how did you get here? why are you going? )?

2) What qualities were you looking for in a law school during the application process (even if it is as simple as “a school that would accept me)?

3) One law related goal/dream you hope to achieve (but know full well you may not)?

Annnnnd GO!

(I too will answer these questions in a later post-I am at work and just thought of this)


Ready, Set, Go-Go! 2006 July 22

Posted by MrSmittie in 0L, Introductions.

So, everything seems to have come together for me in the past two weeks, in regards to moving from California to Las Vegas and starting Law school at UNLV.

On July 11th, I leased an awesome house in the Green Valley area of Henderson Nevada, for a great price. It is only about 3 blocks away from Wayne Newton’s Shenandoah Estate. I have an option to purchase it at the end of the lease.

On the same day, I received a strong offer on the house I have for sale in
California. After a minor counteroffer, basically involving some re-wording of the buyer’s original offer, we reached an agreement and the house went into escrow by the end of that week. On the very next day, I was offered an ok job with a pretty decent company.

Everything that needed to happen in order for me to pull this whole law school thing off, has happened! Although I have been taking steps and trying to make things flow smoothly since last March, nothing was working out as planned. Then, everything comes together in just one week’s time span. AMAZING!

I had originally hoped to transfer to my current employer’s Las Vegas area operations, but due to budgetary constraints, they put a freeze on filling any open positions. Still, there may be some hope left for that prospect. I was out in Vegas again this week (Wednesday & Thursday) to officially accept the new position, and as I was getting ready to keep that appointment, I received a call from a co-worker. It seems that someone from our Las Vegas ops was on the phone with my supervisor asking about me. He wanted to interview me over the phone, but since I was in town, we set up a face-to-face meeting. That went pretty well. The funny thing is, the guy told me that he didn’t even know he had an opening in his department. All he knew was that he was told by the area Vice President that he needed to interview me. I guess it does pay to know people who know people :). I don’t know if they are actually going to offer me a job, but if so, it pays about $5 more per hour than the one I have recently accepted. On top of that, I will get to retain my seniority – which means I get 3 + weeks of vacation/year and I won’t have to pay them back for my undergraduate education (for which they paid 100%).

I am getting pumped for school and have already registered for my 1st semester classes. My schedule will be :

Mon/Wed 6:15pm to 7:40pm – Contracts I,

Tues/Thurs 6:15pm to 7:40pm – Civ Pro/ADR I,

Tues/Thurs 7:50pm to 9:15pm Lawyering Process I (this is my Legal Writing/Research class).

I am offering my employer (either one) a work schedule that would include overnights/weekends. I would love to work four 10-hour shifts, say Friday through Monday, or even third shift starting Thursday nights and being done by Monday afternoon. This may be a real possibility, and I think it would be cool because then I would be off all day during most school days. I am not too worried about missing out on “weekend” things, cause Vegas is a 24/7 kind of town.

That’s it for now.


Home is Where the Heart Is 2006 July 22

Posted by ellybean in 0L, Introductions.

The countdown has begun. Classes don’t start until mid-August, but I have yet to even set foot in California, let alone move in to my house, buy my textbooks, or the most important thing – find my neighborhood Starbucks. (I’m a Seattle native – what do you expect?!) My car will arrive days before I do, thanks to the auto shipping industry, and ten boxes packed full of silverware, bedding and some very-necessary sunscreen were shipped two days ago.

While shipping those boxes, I was asked by Mr. Fed-Ex if this would be my first time away from home. I automatically said “no,” since I’ve spent the last four years “away” as an undergraduate…only 15 miles down the road, but I paid my own bills, I washed my own dishes. I even set up my own wireless internet.

However, in truth, I’ve really never been away from “home.” Seattle has been my home for the majority of my life. In three days I will be moving thousands of miles away to a place where I will, upon leaving the library for the first time or voluntarily leaving my first social event, be asked where I am going – and I will probably say I am going “home” – this particular home being where my bed is, where my food is, the place that is mine for the next three years.

But if home is where the heart is, Seattle will always be home. Then again, if home is where you put even an once of energy into contemplating what Ikea furniture would best create the ambiance you have always desired in a bedroom, then perhaps I have some desire to let my new residence in California be – even if only a semblance of – home. If home is where you secretly hope to become a regular at your neighborhood Starbucks (you know, known by name, like in Cheers…but with coffee and cushy chairs in place of beer and barstools,) then perhaps some of my heart is already ready to be in California. I may never hope to fall in love, start a family, and make California permanent – that part of my heart, and hope, is already in Seattle – but the part of my heart that hopes for endearing friendships may make California my home too.

In a previous post, someone mentioned using law school to explore a new area as if you were on vacation. For me, I’ll use my new locale to be someone I’ve never been. I’ve been a Seattleite my whole life, and it will always be my home. But, maybe if I let my new residence become another home to me, I might find myself grow into someone I never thought I could be.

Tales from the Ubiquitous Year Off 2006 July 21

Posted by queencru in 0L, Introductions.

When most people think about taking a year off, they’re usually thinking about taking a year off between undergrad and grad school to find themselves. They either backpack around Europe, do a fun internship, or maybe even get some awful job to remind them how glad they are that they don’t have to spend the rest of their lives in that field. I finished my undergrad degree in the ’90s, worked the awful jobs, bought a townhome, got a master’s degree, sold the townhome, and went abroad to work for a few years. I had less than a year before law school started and ended up coming back to live with my parents for a year to save money. Let me tell you, it’s a dream come true for a young girl in her late twenties who has come home to find that all her friends are married or in serious relationships and don’t really want to have anything to do with the crazy jetsetter who was traipsing around Asia while they were acting like a normal person trying to settle down. Way to give that social life the jump start it needs!

Finding a job for a short time was equally exciting. I spent two months spinning my wheels trying to get hired to teach as a temp because I was too much of a loose cannon with my foreign teaching experience. I got to the position only to find that the position I was supposed to be going into had not been properly advertised internally and someone else inside the school decided she wanted it. The principal was outraged that I would dare ask her about the situation without making an appointment first, at which point I decided I was through with my area’s public school system. Since then I’ve been doing some test prep and working for myself doing tech writing, and doing some contract quality assurance work. None of them have added any innate value to my life and I just keep wondering why I put off law school for a year for this! I can’t wait to start law school.

Back to the future 2006 July 17

Posted by schooled in Introductions.

Tradition calls for an inane “welcome to my blog” post to jump start this site… the kind that fills space until something worthier comes along, like those hollow books you’ve got on your bookshelf or that “5 out of 10” you’ve got fixing your breakfast. Well I say screw that… let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Like thousands of others (some of whom I hope will be contributing to this blog), I’m off to law school this August… and while some may see it as a chance to move forward into the shiny and vaguely beep-filled professional world, I prefer to rely on habit — for me, back to school means new shoes, a new backpack, and a nice, crisp stack of spiral bound notebooks. Toss in a few gummy erasers and I’m set. Forget Pavlov’s dogs — real conditioning comes from 12+ years of laying out your First Day Outfit and filling your bag with an academic arsenal. Why should law school be any different?

Let’s just think of this blog as a brand new notebook, clean, square-cornered, and just waiting to be cracked open… nevermind that it’ll be a dog-eared, initial-carved wreck by the end of the year. For now, we’ll just enjoy making the first inky marks on virgin paper. Politics, theory, current events, bar reviews (both kinds), and oh right, classes — I hope you’ll all jump in with some scribbles of your own.

The bell’s ringing… guess it’s time to get schooled (you knew it was coming, didn’t you?).