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Question about summer funding 2007 January 23

Posted by queencru in FinAid, Rants, Work.

For those of you that get summer funding from your schools, how does it work? I am not 100% sure how mine works but I’ve heard there is a possibility that any work-study funds you get for the summer may be taken out of your student budget for the following school year. This was the first I’d heard of such a policy and it seems strange to me. If the money is meant to encourage people to take unpaid summer work, how is this going to encourage people who need the student loans in their entirety (as most people do). It seems smarter to do something unpaid part time and then take a paying part-time job unrelated to law so it won’t come out of the following year’s student budget. It seems like the only way you can get around it is by finding funding from some independent organization. Ugh… what to do?