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What’s the workload like so far? 2006 August 29

Posted by queencru in 1L, Classes.

For all I’ve heard about law school, I have to admit the workload is a lot more manageable than I expected. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s easy, but it’s much less than people make it out to be. People say it will get worse, but my profs seem to be pretty consistent in terms of pages due per class. Legal writing also doesn’t look to be that bad either. There are clear examples of each assignment, which is more than I ever got in my tech writing job. Some of those topics were so boring I was ready to lose it after working just 2 or 3 hours, and there was always the possibility there wasn’t enough information available to even finish the project.

I think coming in with significant work experience and a grad degree is helpful because I really know how to manage my time well. I come home and do my work and if I have any free time I’ll watch TV or relax. I don’t really waste my time doing other things until I finish my work for the day. I really have no idea if I will be at the top of the class (most likely not), but I feel like I am prepared. I outline everything before class and then fill in the gaps in class.

What’s everyone else’s workload like?


Duck, duck, duck… GOOSE 2006 August 26

Posted by schooled in Classes, Professors.

So I’ve survived my first week of law school… there are several things I could talk about, but one topic I know many 0Ls worry about is how we’re called on in class (at least, that was one thing I was curious about). It varies from school to school, of course, as well as from professor to professor, but here’s a breakdown of my own experiences. Maybe it’ll make you feel a little more prepared, maybe it won’t.

In one class, the professor makes you stand up for the entire class and answer question after question. If you get it wrong (after several excruciating tries), he’ll take a volunteer, then hone back in on you. If you’re prepared, it’s awesome–you look like a bad ass and you get instant respect. If not, you get reamed. Both have happened, but not to me.

In another, the prof chooses two people and bounces between them the entire class. He’ll ask Person #1 a question. If #1 gets it right, the prof goes to #2. If #2 gets it right, he’ll go back to #1. And so on. If you get it wrong, he’ll get the correct answer from the other person or a volunteer, then ask you the next one… so you can redeem yourself, I guess. This particular prof also has a “point person” he’ll call on almost every class for the entire semester. That, of course, appears to be me. Hooray.

Another prof will call on a different person for each case. Depending on how many cases you cover that day, it can be anywhere from one to seven people.

Most of the profs won’t call on you again until they’ve gone through everyone once. Unless you’re the point person. Hahahahahah…. 😦

None of my profs uses a purely Socratic method–we generally know when we get it right or wrong. Although sometimes it takes a while to get there, we usually get an answer in the end.

Anybody else care to share?

Schedule is in, let us begin! 2006 August 15

Posted by blackfelix in 1L, Classes.

Finally got my section and schedule.  This semester will be Civ Pro, Contracts, and Property.  Great.  The three subjects I didn’t prep for this summer!  LRW is in there as well, of course.  The Civ Pro class in the middle of my Friday (1:30 pm!) will suck supremely. 

I don’t know that any of my good friends are in the same section as I am, but it’s probably better that way.  In a class of 500+ I should probably make it a point to branch out a bit and make some new friends.  That’s a future network right there.

My Ks prof gave me reading homework already.  Joy.  Now my vacation to Puerto Rico will involve obsessing over the UCC sprinkled with beach time.  Joy, again. 

Also, packing sucks.  I’m trying to box up all my stuff so I can ship it to my dorm, but it’s not working too well.  We’ll see how it all works out; I have until Thursday to get it all together.

In the meantime, I’m back to the Bluebook and my Property E&E (which sucks, btw).