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BOHICA 2007 January 29

Posted by schooled in 1L, Advice.

Ah, here we are, half-way to becoming seasoned 2Ls. Didn’t think you’d make it this far, did you? Now be honest, how many of you considered dropping out? *raises hand* And yet, here we are, Oliver Twist-ing it and begging for more.

While I know we’re all slogging through the glory of 2nd semester, let’s take a moment to pontificate. <Insert lawyer joke here.> What’s different about this semester? What’s the same? What are you going to change? (Personally, the biggest change at my school has been in my fellow students — man, those grades really woke up our competitive streaks…)

And more importantly, what about those summer plans? You know, the summer where half the world tells you it’s your last chance to take it easy (ever?) and the other half tells you that if you don’t get a job, you’ll come out of law school with a plum spot at your local fast food joint. Or similiar. So what’s a confused, inexperienced 1L to do amidst the flurry of resumes and cover letters (other than duck when your fellow 1L lunges for the visiting associate from Anonymous Law Firm LLP)?


Retrospective 2006 November 27

Posted by stephaniesays in 1L, Advice.

I am sitting in property. My professor is reading the notes he put up on the internet for us. This is useless. Instead I am choosing to write my first post in a while because this is my last week of classes and I think sharing a little reflection on my first semester as a 1L before finals is better than doing it afterwards (you know, when i’m drunk/hungover/tired/trying to forget).


Word to the wise… 2006 August 29

Posted by stephaniesays in Advice, Bar Review (the fun kind).

don’t get piss drunk on a monday night when you have class at 9am the next day.

i am amazed by the amount of alcohol that is in my law school, but i still had not been partaking in it besides a drink here and there. i was so annoyed yesterday that a friend and i went out and he proceeded to order me drink after drink. now i am paying for it. 0L’s: don’t do it!


A few tips 2006 August 23

Posted by schooled in 1L, Advice.

A recent commentor left some helpful 1L tips that I thought merited a bit more attention… so voila! above the scroll publishing. (Thanks Marc!)

1. Cases are tough when you begin reading them because it’s a different language. I used High Court summaries because they were outstanding. The other summaries, I forget the name, are not as good; I used them the beginning of first semester and didn’t like them. As you learn to read the cases and the legal jargon, you find that you need the case summaries less, also the professor will start straying from the issues stated in High Court and talk about some really weird theories.

2. E&E’s are GOLD. If you can’t afford to buy them, go to a library and copy pages. If you can’t find them in the library, well… I would sell blood to get one. It will make exam time much more tolerable.

3. “Understanding” series by Lexus-Nexus is also a great resource.

4. Finally, Outline the course… it’s an easy way to organize things in your head and study for finals.

5. Also try dictionary.law.com or dictionary.lp.findlaw.com for definitions.

Advice 2006 August 18

Posted by Lily in Advice.

I could be wrong, but it seems like Spencer Overton’s advice may be helpful for new white students as well — especially like the part about public interest work.

Which reminds me: I have to wander off to D.C. now, but when I get back I’m going to post the definitive “What Every 0L Needs to Know About LRAPs” post.

I Hate the Internet 2006 July 27

Posted by stephaniesays in Advice, Rants.

The news media has had fun reporting about companies that Google prospective employees’ name in hopes of finding the dirt. Well, I wish I hadn’t read all of those articles.

During the last two semester of UG I had problems with a certain girl. To put it bluntly, she was an evil manipulative being with some sort of manic psychiatric disorder and I didn’t mesh well with her. The only problem was that some of the people I hung out with liked her. She caused all sorts of fun problems, but mostly her negativity was directed at me. This evening I chose to conduct a Google search with my real name, as I do sometimes to make sure I haven’t let anything slip, and I saw a new page with my name on it. She anonymous called me a bitch on thread in my university’s Livejournal. She used my freaking real name. And Google finally decided to pick up on it. What the hell? I contacted the moderator and she immmediately deleted it, but sitting there is a cached version. I tried to e-mail Google’s legal help and I was sent somne auto-message that did not please me. Basically, even though it is a page on THEIR server, I have to wait for them to crawl over the page and refresh their cache.

Truthfully, I don’t know what to do. If someone clicks the link, it says deleted. If they click the cache they get the original post and thread titles that defend me. Should I be particularly worried about an anonymous hag’s rude comment on me? Does it say more about her than it does about me? If it hasn’t been crawled back over by the time I start applying for jobs do I bring it up with interviewers to be on the offensive? Do I have more recourse with Google? Help. I’ve been Google-defamed by a vindictive rat.

Our Spineless Message Board Compatriots 2006 July 23

Posted by stephaniesays in 0L, Advice, Rants.

During the law school admissions process message boards serve a very important need. They allow us to connect with others for stress relief, reassurance, and even information. Those who post pull information and almost serve as law school advisors to those at large public schools with crappy career services (just call me bitter on this one). After spending ten months on a very large and popular one myself, I have come to a few conclusions that do not paint the message board masses as a particularly favorable breed. Here is a list of some of the questions that bother me the most (in no particular order):

1. Laptop bag or sleeve?
2. HELP! Where do I go? School X or Y?
3. Can I get into School X with GPA Y and LSAT Z?
4. What kind of laptop should I get?
5. Are you going to follow [Insert Author]’s advice for studying?
6. How should I take notes?

…And the list goes on and on and on. Ignore the fact that one should be able to decide what kind of laptop they want and how to carry it, and instead turn your attention to the other questions. First of all, after four years of undergrad and quite possibly a few more in grad school, one would think that a person knows how they like to take notes, not to mention how they study best. Just because some pompous author thinks five highlighters is the way to go does not mean that it is the best way. I know I’d go a bit nuts trying to juggle five different markers while attempting to absorb a case. I implore future law students to step back and ask whether or not they have a system that has worked for them and whether or not conforming to someone else’s idea of organization/note-taking is worth the trouble. I certainly do not believe that it is.

Even though people think that the message board masses are a part of admissions committees, asking whether or not their numbers will get them into a school is not exactly a big problem when compared to people who try to engage others in their personal decision making. In other words, WHY CAN’T THEY JUST ACT LIKE AN ADULT AND MAKE THE DAMN DECISION FOR THEMSELVES?! Agh. I am so utterly and completely baffled as to why someone would sit at their computer and ask people where the next few years of his/her life should be spent. No one can tell someone else where to go or whether or not he or she is making the best decision. It’s personal, dammit, so leave it that way!

I’ve simply never seen such a large group of adults act in such an immature and cowardly manner. Take control of your lives before you apply to law school. Please.

Advice to future successful (male) lawyers! 2006 July 23

Posted by MrSmittie in Advice.
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Hey guys,

After you win your first big case and the money starts rolling in and you are feeling like you need a new conquest… DO NOT have an affair with your voluptuous young new secretary. No matter how much of a hottie she is, DO NOT sleep with her. Why? Because if you do sleep with this effervescent breath of fresh air that will undoubtedly make you feel as virile as you could ever want, your girlfriend might find out and if she does, she will most definitely tell your wife. 😛

Crap, crap, crappity crap. 2006 July 22

Posted by schooled in 0L, Advice, Rants.

I’ve just been informed that my new laptop, which I need for oh right! school! is delayed and the new “expected ship date” (ship date, mind you, not delivery date) is now August 8th, a lovely 2 days before I need to boot the damn thing up and use it. This is assuming I don’t get another delayed shipment notice. But really, I guess I should have planned for this contingency by, I dunno, ordering 4 months in advance, rather than the 3 months I so stupidly thought would be enough. Or even better, place an order at birth so there’d really be no pressure. Give the components some time to hmm… age together like a BIG HUNK OF STINKY CHEESE! ahem. Sorry. It appears I’m projecting a bit.

Jung once said that “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Which means that I’m impatient and irritable when things don’t go as they should — durr. Way to state the obvious, ya Swiss meathead.

In reality though, I think it’s a good thing to keep in mind while we’re living in such close physical and mental quarters with our classmates for the next three years. We don’t want to become the next Scott Turow, magnifying every fault and feature of those around us until it becomes unbearable. (Unless you get a book deal. In that case, magnify away.)

…Not that I am personally likely to follow this advice, but it sure will be nice to look back on while I’m in a scenery-chewing rage.

Oh, and for future 0Ls — order your computer early. Like pre-dinosaur early. Maybe the pterodactyls will deliver it. After several delays and a bite to eat, of course.

EDIT: It’s here! They shipped it after all, but it got stuck in Customs for 4 days. But then it came from China overnight! Whoosh.

Insert Go-Go’s Lyrics Here 2006 July 21

Posted by stephaniesays in 0L, Advice.

Okay now. It’s about that time of the summer during which we start packing our belongings into compact spaces only to be moved elsewhere. In my case, that would be the Midwest. Like others out there, I never intended to end up in the location I am heading to, and I definitely have no intention of residing there permanantly. So, this leaves those of us (or just me) in this position with a few considerations regarding our new homes. On the flipside of the requisite What the hell was I thinking? is something we can all deal with quite easily. This, of course, would be Vacation! Yes! According to the rumor mill we are facing at least three, but quite possibly up to six or so, vacation-less years ahead of us. To counteract this, I propose we think of our new WTF homes as a time for vacation antics. Instead of ruing your decision, take the time to explore every single thing about the city/town/hellhole as though you only have a limited amount of time there. Take pictures, visit cheesy tourist spots, get lost and ask the locals about great things to do. You could even throw in a bit of debauchery now and then and really pretend that you’re on vacation.

Oh. And I am seriously using this mindset to help me bide my time until I return to California for the summer. My sweet and lovely weather…