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It’s over! 2007 March 27

Posted by queencru in 1L, Admissions.

It’s the big time of year when 1Ls do their first oral argument. I have to admit I was nervous. One of my judges was a professor known for being the “Silent Assassin” because he’s a harsh grader but really friendly and funny in class. His questions were tough but I think I did well until the Cough from Hell started during my partner’s argument. I went on the first day so it’s funny seeing all the other students completely freak out and start getting nervous early in the day when I know that once you get in there, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. I was more nervous in my practice argument than in the real thing. I think I could even sign up for moot court but I’m doing my school’s London year and don’t know if it’s offered.

In other news, the rankings come out this week. I have a feeling my school is going to drop as a result of the admissions issues/overenrollment and it’s interesting to see how far in the other direction my school has gone with this year’s set of admissions. It seems like you can be a woman and get in with no problem but if you’re a man you have to have cured cancer or something.


How did this happen? 2006 August 19

Posted by queencru in Admissions.

I just finished my first and only full day of orientation yesterday. I started to notice something was a bit off in the courtroom when only about 3 people in each fairly long row were women. Then I went in my tour group to pick up books, take a campus tour, and get stuff for WestLaw and Nexis and 3 of my 15-person group were women. I chose a female-friendly service project so there were lots of women in that group. I was curious so I took a look at the list of JD students at orientation and from what I could tell only about 65 of the 200 students are women. I know that my school usually has a bit more men than women, but a ratio of 2:1 is just insane! What’s even worse is that I’ve found one other woman who is older than 25. The class seems to be dominated by men in their early 20s.

Just about a month ago, the class was up to about 225 or 230 and the school was able to lure a lot of people to defer. Most of the people who wrote on the message board that they had accepted deferral offers were men. My question is twofold- a)What was the distribution before people took deferral offers and b)What has to transpire to make a class that has a gender distribution that resembles what you’d find in an engineering program?

All I can figure is that the short-staffed nature of the admissions office led to poor record keeping or that the rubric (I am not sure this is the right word) used for admissions was so numbers-based that while ethnicity and geographic diversity seemed to be taken into account, other basics like gender and age were completely ignored. The possibility that it is all related to chance is very limited especially considering the overenrollment. You’d think that they’d have some leeway to try to entice men to defer while keeping all the women, but I know almost everyone got deferral offers so that wasn’t the case.

PS- is anyone having trouble with line spacing using the non-HTML version of the text editor? It’s really beginning to annoy me.

Personal Statements 2006 July 23

Posted by schooled in Admin, Admissions.

Hello all,

In the interests of space and organization, I’ve moved MrSmittie’s (very helpful) personal statement to a page created specifically for publishing your essays if you wish to contribute them. It can be found on the PS page, which is a sub-page of the 1L tab (look under the Search bar on the 1L page). Thanks and keep writing!