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Congrats! 2007 May 11

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Dear fellow 1Lers (now 2Lers!),

Congrats on finishing first year law. After much sweat, tears, and whining – whether internal, external, or repressed – it’s over. We deserve a medal, but instead we are paying tuition from the nose. Eh…it could be worse.

We slacked off on this blog, but that’s just a testament to how wrapped up we became in our studies. I don’t know about you, but I became a complete law nerd. Law took over my life; it became my oxygen. And it still is. I became antisocial and forgot my hobbies. I was tried emotionally and intellectually in ways that I never knew could be so painful.

But in the end, I survived. We survived. And for that…congrats to all.

Now go and enjoy your summer. Get back your life. In fact, if you’re smart enough, you won’t even be reading this blog 😛

Which reminds me…I am going to read a novel. An actual WORK OF FICTION. WOW.


2L 2007 May 11

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1L is over. Hooray! I’m now a 2L and don’t have class for almost 4 months thanks to the lovely British trimester system. I still have to do the write-on competition, which is the same as one of my final exam questions, so that should be fun.

It’s over! 2007 March 27

Posted by queencru in 1L, Admissions.

It’s the big time of year when 1Ls do their first oral argument. I have to admit I was nervous. One of my judges was a professor known for being the “Silent Assassin” because he’s a harsh grader but really friendly and funny in class. His questions were tough but I think I did well until the Cough from Hell started during my partner’s argument. I went on the first day so it’s funny seeing all the other students completely freak out and start getting nervous early in the day when I know that once you get in there, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. I was more nervous in my practice argument than in the real thing. I think I could even sign up for moot court but I’m doing my school’s London year and don’t know if it’s offered.

In other news, the rankings come out this week. I have a feeling my school is going to drop as a result of the admissions issues/overenrollment and it’s interesting to see how far in the other direction my school has gone with this year’s set of admissions. It seems like you can be a woman and get in with no problem but if you’re a man you have to have cured cancer or something.

Curves 2007 February 11

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Now that everyone’s gotten their grades, I’m just curious how most schools work in terms of curves. Mine doesn’t have one so I am a bit clueless, but at least I’ve gotten that point, which seems not to be the case for a lot of people who get annoyed when a professor says he doesn’t curve. None do- they all use a rubric/point system and you get whatever grade you earn. There’s at least one 3L who is in a 1L class for the third time because he’s failed it twice before. It sort of sucks when you’re trying to find a job and go to a non-curved grade deflation school. I still don’t know where I am in my class. I came back sure that I was probably in the bottom 10% but I think I’m really just average now.

BOHICA 2007 January 29

Posted by schooled in 1L, Advice.

Ah, here we are, half-way to becoming seasoned 2Ls. Didn’t think you’d make it this far, did you? Now be honest, how many of you considered dropping out? *raises hand* And yet, here we are, Oliver Twist-ing it and begging for more.

While I know we’re all slogging through the glory of 2nd semester, let’s take a moment to pontificate. <Insert lawyer joke here.> What’s different about this semester? What’s the same? What are you going to change? (Personally, the biggest change at my school has been in my fellow students — man, those grades really woke up our competitive streaks…)

And more importantly, what about those summer plans? You know, the summer where half the world tells you it’s your last chance to take it easy (ever?) and the other half tells you that if you don’t get a job, you’ll come out of law school with a plum spot at your local fast food joint. Or similiar. So what’s a confused, inexperienced 1L to do amidst the flurry of resumes and cover letters (other than duck when your fellow 1L lunges for the visiting associate from Anonymous Law Firm LLP)?

a little light in a dreary day… 2007 January 23

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I think I’m starting to like law school. Maybe. I’ve had this month “off” because we had ADR, and now reading week (in which I am not reading). I don’t know what to do during my free time – I think it’s because I’m not used to having free time.

Perhaps it’s time to pop buy the drugstore and buy a Cosmo or Glamour mag. Oh to let my brain rot…

Exams: Closed or Open book? 2006 December 2

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My Chicago Law bud is shocked I have a closed book CivPro exam (alas). Actually, all but one of my exams are closed book. I don’t know if it’s a school-specific thing or if that policy changes as you go further up the rankings. Any ideas?

Crunch Time 2006 December 2

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Yeah- I should be studying. I’m just finishing up one of my outlines, which I’m wondering if I will ever use again. I made an outline for my research class and found it to be pretty worthless in terms of helping me learn things, but I don’t know what else one can do for that class other than memorize and regurgitate. I feel like E&Es and practice exams (the, oh, 2 that we actually get here) will be more useful than just trying to memorize my outline. I guess the outline is nice to have, but I will see whether it serves its purpose enough for me to waste time next semester doing it again.

Retrospective 2006 November 27

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I am sitting in property. My professor is reading the notes he put up on the internet for us. This is useless. Instead I am choosing to write my first post in a while because this is my last week of classes and I think sharing a little reflection on my first semester as a 1L before finals is better than doing it afterwards (you know, when i’m drunk/hungover/tired/trying to forget).


Remember to breathe 2006 November 19

Posted by schooled in 1L.

Hey everyone! We’re almost 1.5Ls!