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Gr… 2006 August 16

Posted by schooled in 0L, Rants.

It’s only Day 4 of Orientation and I’m already dreading spending 3 years with some of my classmates. I won’t go into specifics, but there were some truly childish displays of behavior by some of my sectionmates during one of our school-planned “activities.” I honestly can not believe how juvenile they were — how downright, ridiculously DUMB. What kind of person pays $150k to relive their high school days? And yes, it really was that bad. Not even seniors in high school — more like freshman behavior.

Immature people really bother me. At this point in our lives, you have to make an effort to be that way. I wish they’d just taken the time to grow up before coming to law school. It’s like they’re playing Pretend To Be a Grownup, but instead of wearing Mommy’s jewelry or driving Daddy’s car, they’re trying on a career instead. So much for the “professional” in professional school.


Conservatives Unite 2006 August 16

Posted by queencru in 0L.

I’ve been meeting a lot of fellow students recently and a big topic of conversation is how conservative the campus is and how great that is. Someone actually said that my undergrad was really liberal, which surprised me since I spent years hearing about my mom’s college experience at a small liberal arts college that was one of the hotbeds of liberalism and she always considered my school more on the moderate/conservative side.

Honestly, this isn’t something I’ve thought about in a while since I’ve been out of school long enough to be used to having friends with all sorts of political ideologies. I don’t really know what I’d consider my views to be since I do have a lot of liberal views but then I have some odd views that liberals would not support at all. I really think there is a benefit to being in a place where you aren’t with people who are all like you because it makes you grow more and really consider your own views. It promises to be an interesting 3 years.

Golly 2006 August 14

Posted by schooled in 0L.

I’m writing my first brief.

I feel dumb.

That is all.

Law School Goals of an Underachiever 2006 August 4

Posted by queencru in 0L.

I know that a lot of people really, really want to make law review and be the best in law school. Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t have that obsession. I’ve been out of school for quite some time, went back one time, and am now going back for a second graduate degree. I feel privileged that I am able to do this because most of my friends are married or have children and don’t have the flexibility that I have to go back to school for three years. I have some friends who hate their jobs so much it makes them cry every night or get physically ill in the mornings before work. They aren’t making huge salaries.

I want to have a good time in law school and take advantage of being in school by getting involved and making new friends. I don’t want to spend every waking hour studying because I know I’ll likely get a job that pays more than I’d ever make in my current career. Am I going into a lot of debt? Yes. Will I be any worse off than I’ve been in the 8 years since I graduated from college? That’s pretty much impossible. I’m more interested in writing for another one of my school journals than the law review because it is on a subject that really interests me and has a large circulation.

I picked my school because it works hard to foster a cooperative atmosphere and discourage competition. Students aren’t ranked and can choose where they want to interview instead of having the same 10% get interviewed by every company. There is no forced curve either. I’m not really a competitive person, so this is perfect for me.

1800 miles later… 2006 August 4

Posted by stephaniesays in 0L, Randomness.

So, you knew it was coming. I have moved. This post is dedicated to the road and here is a list of things that came to light as I crossed the country.

1. 97.7fm is a great station for crossing the first four states of my journey. My hardcore fm transmitter & ipod made my journey great.

2. Assholes who do not put their lights on while in blinding rain suck at life. Those who put on their emergency flashers win.

3. Cruise control is an amazing feature. No tickets were had–not even in ‘go 3 miles over the speed limit’ crap states like TX & OK. (more…)

Obsession 2006 August 2

Posted by blackfelix in 0L, Law Review, Rants.

So, I’ll admit it — and only because this nom de blog gives me at least the appearance of anonymity. I want to make law review. Like really bad. Like, I’ll die if I don’t make law review.

Okay, well maybe I won’t die. There are plenty of other things to look forward to in life (the Mets winning the World Series, sex, good food and company, sex, family, more sex). But making law review is really high up on my priority list, for some reason.

Part of it is fairly practical: I am interested in appellate litigation. Most appellate litigators are on law review. If I want to be in appellate litigation, I should be on law review. Seems innocent enough, no?

But then I think part of it is certainly rooted in my own self-satisfaction and need for external validation. I’ve always considered myself a fairly intelligent individual. And I feel as if I have a special aptitude for legal studies. So what happens when I end up middle-of-the-pack grade-wise, or I don’t make law review? Both are strong possibilities. How do those two phenomena speak to my supposed legal-genius-in-training-dom?

All of this introspection was sparked by the recent announcement of the newest members of the law review at my school-to-be. Two of my good friends made it, one did not. The two friends are both brilliant. I share a scholarship with one of them — perhaps that means that I, too, am brilliant enough to make law review. The other one I’ve been able to engage in intellectual discussion about the law, though I’m a year behind (then again, he was probably dumbing down his comments for me). Hmm, maybe there is hope for me.

Maybe I shouldn’t care.

Yes, I know admitting this makes me a gunner. Yes, I know I sound obsessive. Yes, I probably won’t make it. But it does bear thinking about. I need to talk myself out of making the law review the “end-all-be-all” of my early legal career; it certainly can’t be healthy.

I feel like Kanye West here: “We all law-review-conscious, I’m just the first to admit it…”


Update 2006 July 28

Posted by stephaniesays in 0L, Rants, Uncategorized.

In this post I threw a fit about my real life meeting the internet. I have good news. After having the webmaster remove the evil comment, I received an e-mail from Google. They informed me that after I had worked with the webmaster they would be happy to remove the cache & comment from their search results. So, now, one only has the title of the page  and a link to the updated page. No one can figure out what was said about me or why that page specifically comes up in the search results. Thank god. I was freaking out.

And the person who did it is going to have a fun little miserable legal life if I ever come across her when I move back to SF (She’s going to law school now too. I pity her classmates).

Confessions of an Underachiever 2006 July 27

Posted by queencru in 0L, Uncategorized.

I keep on reading all these posts about how people are reading books, signing up for their state bar association, and doing other studious activities to prepare for law school. My preparation attemps consist of watching lots of DVDs and books that are unrelated to law school, thinking about how to decorate my new apartment while recycling most of the current furniture/accessories, having health problems [I always get this before I move from my hometown, why?], reading trashy novels, seeing the touristy areas of my area, and other equally worthwhile endeavors that are sure to increase my intellectual capacity. When I moved abroad, I was equally engaged in preparation and probably knew how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you before setting foot in the country. I did fine there, so I think I will be okay picking this up without doing much prep beforehand.

Don’t get me wrong. When I have stuff I need to do, I work efficiently and tend to finish it in a timely fashion. I’ve been a tech writer before so I have some idea of how to read through dense material and pull out what’s relevant. I just feel like reading any books before law school will put me into some sort of panic and make me freak out that I am going to be completely inadequate because all my classmates have been reading hornbooks and listening to LEEWS all summer. Am I destined to failure?

Recommended but not Required 2006 July 25

Posted by bostonlegal in 0L, Books.

In June, my incoming 1L classmates and I received a memo from school with a list of “recommended but not required summer reading”. I was on the phone with my dad when I got it, and he said, as he has always said “recommended but not required means do it”. I immediately felt the peer pressure and competition from classmates I haven’t even met. I caved and bought all the books. The list is daunting.

  1. Karl Llewllyn-The Bramble Bush
  2. Jn. Harr-A Civil Action
  3. Barbara Kingsolver-The Poisonwood Bible & Pigs in Heaven
  4. Walter van Tillburg Clark-The Oxbow Incidient
  5. Anthony Lewis-Gideon’s Trumpet
  6. Duncan Kennedy-Legal Education & The Reproduction of Hierarchy
  7. Patricia Wililams-The Alchemy of Race and Rights
  8. Derrick Bell-And We are Not Saved & Faces at the Bottom of the Well
  9. Harper Lee-To Kill a Mockingbird
  10. (To be read together as an introduction to the development of law) Genesis, Exodus, I Samuel 8, Cicero-On the Laws (Book 1), and Peter Ackroyd-The Life of Thomas More
  11. War & Peace
  12. Crime & Punishment

To date: My kitten has spilled water on one which rendered it unreadable for a few days (The Oxbow Incident). I have started one and put it down for good-not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because i didn’t think it was a worthwhile endeavor when I had limited time to read (War and Peace). I tore through one because I just couldn’t put it down (Barbara Kingsolver-Pigs in Heaven) Today, I finished Derrick Bell’s “Faces at the Bottom of the Well”. Next on my list is Patricia Williams.

Before I started I had read To Kill a Mockingbird, Gideon’s Trumpet, The Poisonwood Bible, and a Civil Action.

While I was sitting here at work just now, I realized for the first time, my dad might have been wrong. There might be a larger lesson included with this list and the reading itself.

“Recommended but not Required” doesn’t always mean do it. For the next three years, I, and every other law student are going to be absolutely inundated with reading. Is it possible to read everything? I’m sure I will see the haggard, unshaven, dark eyed, sleep deprived students stumbling out of the library that tried. Is the lesson here to pick and choose what we find most essential and do the best we can?

There are people who always do all the reading, but I have never and will never be one of those people, and I will have always thrived.

So what drove me (and I’m sure many others) to attempt to read all of these? Perhaps it is the feeling of anxiety produced by the knowledge that law school is a whole different ball game than college and grad school ever were. In college and even grad school to some extent, I felt that the competition was against myself-to constantly outdo myself in regards to my writing, research, and work. In law school, the competition is against yourself, and everyone else for grades, law review, and honors.

I feel the bulldog in me coming out already, and it makes me a little nervous.

Orientation 2006 July 25

Posted by queencru in 0L.

This may belong somewhere else on the site, but I was wondering what other poeple’s orientations entail. It seems like there are quite a few that require classes, while others are more about getting to know the school and your classmates. Mine is the latter type.

Day 1-

Intro to student/career services, IT, registrar, etc.
Institutional research survey
Campus/bookstore tours, career services survey, intro th Lexis/Westlaw
*Service Projects

Day 2 (afternoon only)

Welcome Address
Ethics lecture
Welcome reception

Day 3

SBA Activities 


My orientation continues throughout the semester, but this is the core bit of it before classes.