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Summer work 2007 May 30

Posted by queencru in Work.

How’s everyone’s summer going so far? My computer promptly died once exams were over. I haven’t gotten my grades back so I’m still worrying that something happened to my exams and they got lost. If so, I’m screwed because I think my hard drive is toast.

Otherwise, I am working for a judge a few days a week and for a small firm the other days. It should be a nice change of pace from law school even if I didn’t manage to land a coveted high-paying job. I have not started either job yet and am trying to finish up the write-on competition this week. It’s not due until June 15 so something tells me I won’t get too far.



1. schooled - 2007 May 30

The afternoon exams were over, I took off for the beach. I’ll probably meander back home some time next week… we don’t have our grades either, but rumor has it they’re supposed to be posted by June 1st.

I got a job for the second half of the summer at a mid-sized firm and decided to take the 1st half of the summer off instead of looking for a another job. I decided not to do the write-on competition too… the work just didn’t seem worth the payoff for me. Basically, I am a Total Slacker. It’s rather lovely.

2. syd - 2007 August 5

im scared for middle school!

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