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2007 May 12

Posted by stephaniesays in Law Review.

i’ve been done since the 4th. i then went on a drinking binge. picked up my journal write-on packet (400 pages), put it away for two days, and watched some baseball and hung out with people. yay. finals were sooo much better this time around. phew.

the write-on competition is ridiculous. i hate it so much. it’s a pain in the ass and meticulous and all i want to do is sleep, especially since i am driving across the country on tuesday (i got a nice job in CA for the summer. woo!). le sigh. i’ve lost my mind and am writing songs. for instance, my faux rap song:

my name is steph-a-knee and i am cite-in. the law school likes to torture me but you are gonna see…that i ain’t givin in until i win. fuck sleep.



1. queencru - 2007 May 12

Wow, that writing competition is cruel. I think ours packet is supposed to be 200 pages (they don’t print it out), but we have a month to complete it. I am not starting until after I go back to FL and have around a week and a half before I start my job(s).

2. stephaniesays - 2007 May 12

mine lasts 10 days. asses.

3. frillgirl - 2007 May 15

Yeah well, at least yours is going on now while you’re still in school mode. Mine doesn’t happen until July. But hey, I might not have to write on at all. All I have to do is make a 3.7 or higher this semester. HA HA HA HA!

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