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Congrats! 2007 May 11

Posted by nicolasix in 1L.

Dear fellow 1Lers (now 2Lers!),

Congrats on finishing first year law. After much sweat, tears, and whining – whether internal, external, or repressed – it’s over. We deserve a medal, but instead we are paying tuition from the nose. Eh…it could be worse.

We slacked off on this blog, but that’s just a testament to how wrapped up we became in our studies. I don’t know about you, but I became a complete law nerd. Law took over my life; it became my oxygen. And it still is. I became antisocial and forgot my hobbies. I was tried emotionally and intellectually in ways that I never knew could be so painful.

But in the end, I survived. We survived. And for that…congrats to all.

Now go and enjoy your summer. Get back your life. In fact, if you’re smart enough, you won’t even be reading this blog 😛

Which reminds me…I am going to read a novel. An actual WORK OF FICTION. WOW.



1. schooled - 2007 May 12


I still have 2 finals to go!


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