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Summer work 2007 May 30

Posted by queencru in Work.

How’s everyone’s summer going so far? My computer promptly died once exams were over. I haven’t gotten my grades back so I’m still worrying that something happened to my exams and they got lost. If so, I’m screwed because I think my hard drive is toast.

Otherwise, I am working for a judge a few days a week and for a small firm the other days. It should be a nice change of pace from law school even if I didn’t manage to land a coveted high-paying job. I have not started either job yet and am trying to finish up the write-on competition this week. It’s not due until June 15 so something tells me I won’t get too far.


2007 May 12

Posted by stephaniesays in Law Review.

i’ve been done since the 4th. i then went on a drinking binge. picked up my journal write-on packet (400 pages), put it away for two days, and watched some baseball and hung out with people. yay. finals were sooo much better this time around. phew.

the write-on competition is ridiculous. i hate it so much. it’s a pain in the ass and meticulous and all i want to do is sleep, especially since i am driving across the country on tuesday (i got a nice job in CA for the summer. woo!). le sigh. i’ve lost my mind and am writing songs. for instance, my faux rap song:

my name is steph-a-knee and i am cite-in. the law school likes to torture me but you are gonna see…that i ain’t givin in until i win. fuck sleep.

Congrats! 2007 May 11

Posted by nicolasix in 1L.
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Dear fellow 1Lers (now 2Lers!),

Congrats on finishing first year law. After much sweat, tears, and whining – whether internal, external, or repressed – it’s over. We deserve a medal, but instead we are paying tuition from the nose. Eh…it could be worse.

We slacked off on this blog, but that’s just a testament to how wrapped up we became in our studies. I don’t know about you, but I became a complete law nerd. Law took over my life; it became my oxygen. And it still is. I became antisocial and forgot my hobbies. I was tried emotionally and intellectually in ways that I never knew could be so painful.

But in the end, I survived. We survived. And for that…congrats to all.

Now go and enjoy your summer. Get back your life. In fact, if you’re smart enough, you won’t even be reading this blog 😛

Which reminds me…I am going to read a novel. An actual WORK OF FICTION. WOW.

2L 2007 May 11

Posted by queencru in 1L, 2L.
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1L is over. Hooray! I’m now a 2L and don’t have class for almost 4 months thanks to the lovely British trimester system. I still have to do the write-on competition, which is the same as one of my final exam questions, so that should be fun.