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It’s over! 2007 March 27

Posted by queencru in 1L, Admissions.

It’s the big time of year when 1Ls do their first oral argument. I have to admit I was nervous. One of my judges was a professor known for being the “Silent Assassin” because he’s a harsh grader but really friendly and funny in class. His questions were tough but I think I did well until the Cough from Hell started during my partner’s argument. I went on the first day so it’s funny seeing all the other students completely freak out and start getting nervous early in the day when I know that once you get in there, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. I was more nervous in my practice argument than in the real thing. I think I could even sign up for moot court but I’m doing my school’s London year and don’t know if it’s offered.

In other news, the rankings come out this week. I have a feeling my school is going to drop as a result of the admissions issues/overenrollment and it’s interesting to see how far in the other direction my school has gone with this year’s set of admissions. It seems like you can be a woman and get in with no problem but if you’re a man you have to have cured cancer or something.



1. schooled - 2007 March 29

We had our first oral arguments last week and are beginning the 1L Moot Ct competition this week. I went last night for moot ct.

It was really hard, but strangely fun once you got over the fact that they were primarily asking questions to make you mess up.

2. stephanie - 2007 March 29

we did ours a couple weeks back. ugh, i hate oral arguments. i answered everything and did well but my overall commentary was SLOW DOWN. i speak really quickly.

im writing my appellate brief right now. last writing assignment ever. thank god. i kicked my first brief’s ass. but still. so frustrating. all i wanna do is sleep sleep.

i have no plan to engage in any sort of moot anything.

3. queencru - 2007 March 30

We’re supposed to have a 1L Moot Court competition but as much as they went on about it at the end of last semester and the beginning of this semester, I haven’t heard about it for at least a month or two. I am not even sure how it would work since most pairs don’t actually have two people interested in moot court.

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