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It’s over! 2007 March 27

Posted by queencru in 1L, Admissions.

It’s the big time of year when 1Ls do their first oral argument. I have to admit I was nervous. One of my judges was a professor known for being the “Silent Assassin” because he’s a harsh grader but really friendly and funny in class. His questions were tough but I think I did well until the Cough from Hell started during my partner’s argument. I went on the first day so it’s funny seeing all the other students completely freak out and start getting nervous early in the day when I know that once you get in there, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. I was more nervous in my practice argument than in the real thing. I think I could even sign up for moot court but I’m doing my school’s London year and don’t know if it’s offered.

In other news, the rankings come out this week. I have a feeling my school is going to drop as a result of the admissions issues/overenrollment and it’s interesting to see how far in the other direction my school has gone with this year’s set of admissions. It seems like you can be a woman and get in with no problem but if you’re a man you have to have cured cancer or something.


You said it. 2007 March 7

Posted by schooled in Overheard.
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Have you guys discovered Overheard In Law School? It’s a collection of ridiculous, and/or hilarious things you hear in (surprise) law school.

I’d love more, though (seriously–there’s got to be more out there), so what say we have our own collection? I’ll start:

*Phone rings in class. Everyone scrambles for cells, then realizes it’s the classroom phone*

Professor: (picks up) Joey’s Pizza!