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Do most schools have this? 2007 February 15

Posted by queencru in Rants, study groups.

My school used to have an open study group that was lead by people who were on law review or otherwise did well, but now it’s limited to people who the school has determined might need more help academically. Of course most of the students in the group are minorities- way to welcome people by saying, “Hey, we just accepted you because we need to be more diverse.” I always assumed the study group was something voluntary set up by a few clubs because it would never occur to me that a school would have something like this. A few points on the LSAT could be attributed to a bad day at the test center, lack of time to study, or the fact that many other people spent $800+ taking prep courses.



1. schooled - 2007 February 15

We have a program that everyone can apply to that has structured, guided study groups, but only a few people are selected. I guess it’s those who seem to “need it the most.” Then they assign the rest of the applicants to study groups lead by one law review-type 2L or 3L.

You have to reapply every semester, so I guess the more structured groups are based on academic performance. I’m not really sure, though, because I know of a few people who applied that had LSATs on the lower end of the range, but didn’t get in…

I wound up in one of the other study groups… it didn’t help much, though.

2. tamiki - 2007 March 24

it’s been shown that being reminded that you are black also lowers your performance on tests.

3. lawlassie - 2007 July 10

Not “being reminded that you are black” but being reminded that blacks typically perform worse than whites or Asians on standardized tests.

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