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Curves 2007 February 11

Posted by queencru in 1L.

Now that everyone’s gotten their grades, I’m just curious how most schools work in terms of curves. Mine doesn’t have one so I am a bit clueless, but at least I’ve gotten that point, which seems not to be the case for a lot of people who get annoyed when a professor says he doesn’t curve. None do- they all use a rubric/point system and you get whatever grade you earn. There’s at least one 3L who is in a 1L class for the third time because he’s failed it twice before. It sort of sucks when you’re trying to find a job and go to a non-curved grade deflation school. I still don’t know where I am in my class. I came back sure that I was probably in the bottom 10% but I think I’m really just average now.



1. schooled - 2007 February 11

My school has an enforced avg of 85, meaning all the grades have to average out to an 85. The problem is that diff profs approach that in diff ways–some are “spreaders,” meaning the range of scores will be from 65 to 100. And some are “clumpers,” meaning the range will be 80 to 90. What sucks is when it comes time to calculate the averages, those who scored high in “spreader” classes have a huge edge over those who scored high in a “clumper” class. And since we can’t pick our profs or classes… well, a lot of it is luck o’ the draw.

The good news is that first year classes are only weighted half as much as 2d and 3d year classes. I think a lot of people are banking on that.

2. steph - 2007 February 11

i did well. quite well. we have a forced average of 87. one of my professors def screwed us in that he was clumper hell but i think it will all work out in the end.

i just want a job.

3. queencru - 2007 February 13

Interesting info. Your system seems a bit unfair, schooled. Even though we’re uncurved, they work to make it so that no group (we don’t have sections, just small groups) has an advantage over any other groups. Still, it’s interesting how your grades are weighted. I’ve never heard of that before. At my school it’s much easier to game your grades in 2L/3L. I’ve been planning to go abroad for 2L then entire time I was here, but just found that the grading tends to be a bit easier over there.

Congrats on your grades, Steph. Are you still looking for something that pays or are you interested in working in public interest or for a judge? I gave up finding something that paid almost immediately (I have a lovely stack of rejections from big firms) and am working for a judge.

4. thebrittany - 2007 May 5

American has no curve! It’s pretty awesome. We’ve decided that there’s an unofficial curve of B/B+ because it seems like a 3.3ish GPA puts you right at 50%tile.

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