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Please tell me why 2007 January 11

Posted by queencru in Books, Rants.

When you have a 2-semester course with two different profs, they don’t work together to use the same book? On another book-related note, I tried to buy my books at my bookstore’s online site (won’t be in town until two days before classes start) to find that one book is listed at $37 more than the list price and another at about $55 more than the list price. I can see one typo, but what is going on with two books ridiculously overpriced? Is there some surcharge for paying early and picking up your books later? That makes no sense. My grades are already in the crapper and now they want to rip me off? Sigh.

Update: My prof hasn’t given the blue book a glowing review either, but claims it is the best of the bunch. Now that we’re in the second semester, profs aren’t nearly so enthusiastic about the 1L course material or are really trying their best mix it up a bit. I actually did a graded assignment tonight. What, a non-LRW class that has assignments? Who knew?


1. steph - 2007 January 11

buy them on amazon. free shipping. oir textbooks.com

i never buy my books @ the bookstore. too expensive.

in other book news, my conlaw book is the biggest mofo i’ve ever seen. imy mission is to do my conlaw work BEFORE i leave school for the day so i don’t have to drag it home.

2. queencru - 2007 January 12

I know it’s much cheaper elsewhere, but I am not going to be in town in time to be able to get anything in the mail so I’m stuck having to pick them up the day before class starts. The only one that was cheaper on Amazon is one I’m getting used from a friend, which is probably the same conlaw one you have (big, blue, 15th edition?). I have to drag it with me in the suitcase.

3. steph - 2007 January 12

yes, that is the con law book. it is AWFUL. btw, chemirinsky has a treatise on conlaw (black, with a red rectangle, 2nd edition is fine evn tho 3rd just came out)that all of my 2/3Ls tell me is essential for conlaw. it is the definitive work apparently.

4. queencru - 2007 January 13

Thanks for the advice. I am not sure to which book you are referring, however. The only one I’m finding that remotely seems to apply with an image is the 3rd edition with a brown pillar on the front and costs about $54 list and seems to be just as huge as the casebook. Is that the one? I’m not really too worried about that class because I had the prof before and managed not to bomb it. Sometimes I think I am suffering from the faker syndrome- I’m the worst test-taker ever but somehow managed to be one of those freaks who scores higher on the LSAT than she did on her practice tests, but then goes back to true form in school.

5. Butterflyfish - 2007 January 16

The blue nightmare of a con law book is by Sullivan. I * HATE * IT and we’re only a week in. I bought it used, I had the binding sliced off, hole punched, and I only carry the pages I need in a little binder. I hate that mofo book. True, I can’t resell it, but 1) i don’t have to carry it all spring and 2) hey, that’s what buying used is all about.

6. queencru - 2007 January 16

Luckily I have only one other class on the same days as Con Law, so I don’t need to resort to such drastic measures. I just don’t get why Foundation has to put the 2″ margins in- imagine how much shorter the book would be with 1″ margins and a lighter stock?

7. steph - 2007 January 17

blue monster from hell.

i’ll probably need it for conlaw 2 or 3. meh.

8. schooled - 2007 February 21

My prof co-wrote our ConLaw books (it’s in 2 volumes)…

he sure does cite himself a lot.


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