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damn courttv. 2006 December 18

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i hate court shows. i really do. they’re ridiculous and give the wrong impression of what goes down in court. i’m also convinced they’re fake irrespective of what they tell you in the opening credits.

but i can’t stop watching them when nothing else is on. i have taken to guessing the outcome based on actual law. your res ipsa case sucks! and conversion doesn’t need ill intent! it’s kind of bad…


Exams: Closed or Open book? 2006 December 2

Posted by schooled in 1L, Exams.

My Chicago Law bud is shocked I have a closed book CivPro exam (alas). Actually, all but one of my exams are closed book. I don’t know if it’s a school-specific thing or if that policy changes as you go further up the rankings. Any ideas?

Crunch Time 2006 December 2

Posted by queencru in 1L.
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Yeah- I should be studying. I’m just finishing up one of my outlines, which I’m wondering if I will ever use again. I made an outline for my research class and found it to be pretty worthless in terms of helping me learn things, but I don’t know what else one can do for that class other than memorize and regurgitate. I feel like E&Es and practice exams (the, oh, 2 that we actually get here) will be more useful than just trying to memorize my outline. I guess the outline is nice to have, but I will see whether it serves its purpose enough for me to waste time next semester doing it again.