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Another Legal Writing Rant 2006 October 29

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Stephanie complained that her LR class had plenty of time to do their last memo, while my last memo was the exact opposite. We got it 2.5 weeks before it was due, so you’d think that it would be no problem. The issue was that the actual instruction for writing said memo came during the week it was due. Some of us tried to work ahead, only to find that what we had written was total crap and needed to be revamped. The lesson about writing arguments in a persuasive memo was given one or two days before the memo was due! The curriculum is uniform, so some genius decided this was an excellent plan and the poor profs were stuck trying to calm panicking students down by telling them, “It’s not graded, so don’t worry about it.” Like not turning it in was an option. Sigh- what a pain.


Oh dear. 2006 October 21

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I’ve just been Pennoyer v Neff-ed.


Legal Writing Sucks. 2006 October 9

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Legal writing is worth nearly nothing but is beyond time consuming. We just turned in our first memo–a closed one with a bunch of cases to choose from. In the last few weeks I seriously edited that sucker 10 times over. I pulled out words and simplified. Threw in citations (ughh bluebooking is evil). I attempted to make shitty analogies between equally shitty cases. It was not fun. My classmates seemed to not to fair as well as I did though.

I went into the library yesterday evening about 7 only to find a large portion of the 1L class furiously clicking at their keyboards, waiting in line to print, and generally in a bad mood. People did not sleep, go home, or even shower between yesterday evening and this afternoon. They have actually given us so much time to work on this thing to the point where it really did not require an all-nighter. Maybe law school has made people lazier?

A few notations:

1. Relationships are becoming strained, and not because of academics. The amount of time people spend together–especially my group of friends–is intense and we have picked up on one anothers annoying habits. We also have no line that cannot be crossed, which is creating a bit of tension. I’m looking for ways to break out and meet people NOT in law school but having a hard time figuring it out. Any ideas? I need to run away now and then.

2. Woo! Contracts rocks!

3. I am so so so glad it is not this time last year.