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What’s the workload like so far? 2006 August 29

Posted by queencru in 1L, Classes.

For all I’ve heard about law school, I have to admit the workload is a lot more manageable than I expected. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s easy, but it’s much less than people make it out to be. People say it will get worse, but my profs seem to be pretty consistent in terms of pages due per class. Legal writing also doesn’t look to be that bad either. There are clear examples of each assignment, which is more than I ever got in my tech writing job. Some of those topics were so boring I was ready to lose it after working just 2 or 3 hours, and there was always the possibility there wasn’t enough information available to even finish the project.

I think coming in with significant work experience and a grad degree is helpful because I really know how to manage my time well. I come home and do my work and if I have any free time I’ll watch TV or relax. I don’t really waste my time doing other things until I finish my work for the day. I really have no idea if I will be at the top of the class (most likely not), but I feel like I am prepared. I outline everything before class and then fill in the gaps in class.

What’s everyone else’s workload like?



1. stephaniesays - 2006 August 29

my wed suck cause i have every class on thursday, whereas i have the same on tuesday but have the weekend. but generally speaking, i read between 700-1000 pages a week in undergrad so i am fine on how much there is to read. sometimes i do get bogged down in the wording though. ive been trying to treat this as a 9-5 job. i stay on campus until 5 at least, sometimes 6. abnd then i go home and if i have more to read i do it while i watch tv. friday’s we have happy hour at 4:30, so i study until then and then i leave my friday nights & saturdays free and do some work on sunday. so it’s been pretty nice.last night just happened to be a fluke with the mass drinking and the lack of work i got done. eh.

2. Lily - 2006 September 2

Ditto. Section Three does have a bit more reading than Section Other, but it’s still nothing like undergrad.

I’m still getting adjusted to the writing style, though.

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