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Home is Where the Heart Is 2006 July 22

Posted by ellybean in 0L, Introductions.

The countdown has begun. Classes don’t start until mid-August, but I have yet to even set foot in California, let alone move in to my house, buy my textbooks, or the most important thing – find my neighborhood Starbucks. (I’m a Seattle native – what do you expect?!) My car will arrive days before I do, thanks to the auto shipping industry, and ten boxes packed full of silverware, bedding and some very-necessary sunscreen were shipped two days ago.

While shipping those boxes, I was asked by Mr. Fed-Ex if this would be my first time away from home. I automatically said “no,” since I’ve spent the last four years “away” as an undergraduate…only 15 miles down the road, but I paid my own bills, I washed my own dishes. I even set up my own wireless internet.

However, in truth, I’ve really never been away from “home.” Seattle has been my home for the majority of my life. In three days I will be moving thousands of miles away to a place where I will, upon leaving the library for the first time or voluntarily leaving my first social event, be asked where I am going – and I will probably say I am going “home” – this particular home being where my bed is, where my food is, the place that is mine for the next three years.

But if home is where the heart is, Seattle will always be home. Then again, if home is where you put even an once of energy into contemplating what Ikea furniture would best create the ambiance you have always desired in a bedroom, then perhaps I have some desire to let my new residence in California be – even if only a semblance of – home. If home is where you secretly hope to become a regular at your neighborhood Starbucks (you know, known by name, like in Cheers…but with coffee and cushy chairs in place of beer and barstools,) then perhaps some of my heart is already ready to be in California. I may never hope to fall in love, start a family, and make California permanent – that part of my heart, and hope, is already in Seattle – but the part of my heart that hopes for endearing friendships may make California my home too.

In a previous post, someone mentioned using law school to explore a new area as if you were on vacation. For me, I’ll use my new locale to be someone I’ve never been. I’ve been a Seattleite my whole life, and it will always be my home. But, maybe if I let my new residence become another home to me, I might find myself grow into someone I never thought I could be.



1. stephaniesays - 2006 July 22

When I went to undergrad I used Berkeley as a means to become a new person–the person I wanted to be but couldn’t in So Cal. California in itself is an interesting experience even as a native; there are interesting challenges and questions you ask yourself.

BTW, where in SoCal are you moving?

2. schooled - 2006 July 22

I’ll be moving only 2.5 hrs from the place I’ve grown up, but it may as well be several states away. I’m used to meeting people I’ve known since I was a kid nearly every time I go out, used to having the traffic flow memorized, the local grocery store layout figured out for max efficiency… it’s certainly going to be a change. But I think you have the best approach–think of it as a temporary home, but a home nonetheless, like a Hyannisport to the Kennedys or a White House to the President.

3. ellybean - 2006 July 22

Stephanie – A little east of L.A, I don’t want to be too descriptive since it’s a smaller school and I’d like to try and remain as anonymous as possible on the blog so my classmates don’t recognize me…yet 😉

4. stephaniesays - 2006 July 22

I understand. I am from West LA, so I think i know what you’re talking about. 🙂

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