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Back to the future 2006 July 17

Posted by schooled in Introductions.

Tradition calls for an inane “welcome to my blog” post to jump start this site… the kind that fills space until something worthier comes along, like those hollow books you’ve got on your bookshelf or that “5 out of 10” you’ve got fixing your breakfast. Well I say screw that… let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Like thousands of others (some of whom I hope will be contributing to this blog), I’m off to law school this August… and while some may see it as a chance to move forward into the shiny and vaguely beep-filled professional world, I prefer to rely on habit — for me, back to school means new shoes, a new backpack, and a nice, crisp stack of spiral bound notebooks. Toss in a few gummy erasers and I’m set. Forget Pavlov’s dogs — real conditioning comes from 12+ years of laying out your First Day Outfit and filling your bag with an academic arsenal. Why should law school be any different?

Let’s just think of this blog as a brand new notebook, clean, square-cornered, and just waiting to be cracked open… nevermind that it’ll be a dog-eared, initial-carved wreck by the end of the year. For now, we’ll just enjoy making the first inky marks on virgin paper. Politics, theory, current events, bar reviews (both kinds), and oh right, classes — I hope you’ll all jump in with some scribbles of your own.

The bell’s ringing… guess it’s time to get schooled (you knew it was coming, didn’t you?).



1. Richard B. Hamilton - 2006 July 17


2. nicolasix - 2006 July 19

I think it’s different because this is our CAREER! ARGHHHHHHHHH

*panic panic panic panic*


kidding. I never panic. I’m gonna have my hair in a sleek ballerina bun and wear a poker face that would put Zeno to shame.

Habit is good, it’s something I don’t think is good for me though. Habit for me = sleeping in, eating bags of popcorn in a misdirected effort to combat stress, jiggling my belly fat as amusement (watch that flubber fly!), and…yes. The frat boy in me!

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