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Social Networking Sites– What’s the Obsession? 2006 July 31

Posted by queencru in Randomness.

I’m going to preface this by saying I do have accounts at a few places. I check one, only because my high school magnet program has an alumni group. Aside from my alumni status, I have no personal information on my account and a picture of me in a costume so I’m not recognizable. What inspires people to post their blogs and photos on social networking sites where everyone (including employers) can find them easily? Don’t they know about the people who have lost their jobs because they had blogs about work? I admit I had a blog about work when I worked abroad, but the chances of my coworkers finding and understanding it was fairly unlikely.¬†Why do some people feel like they need to have as many “friends” as possible?

I’m just trying to understand this whole trend and I just can’t figure it out. I don’t understand why people rush to join their Facebook group when they get into a law school. Is there any innate benefit to Facebook that I don’t know about? My school has a message board you can use to get in touch with fellow classmates that seems to be just as efficient.


psst 2006 July 30

Posted by schooled in Randomness.

Oh yes: and did you guys notice that the search term that gets us the most visits is “law school nerds”?

Um… yay? ūüėÄ

And now, for something completely different 2006 July 30

Posted by schooled in Randomness.

Okay, I admit it. While I may scoff at horoscope-reading, aura-gazing, fortune cookie-believing kooks, I do have a weakness for personality typology. It’s likely to involve just as much self-projection as the other methods, but gosh darnit it, I just can’t help thinking Jung had something going there. Which may explain why every time I see a link to the Meyers-Brigg typology test, I just can’t help but take it, even though I’ve always been an ENFP (aka Champion Idealist) and likely always will be. I periodically read the descriptions (Heiss and Butt — heh — are eerily spot-on)… it keeps me aware of my faults, like stepping on the scale every day to monitor my weight.

What do you guys think about personality types? And more relevantly, what do you think the ideal “lawyer” personality type would be? According to Butt (heh), my type is actually more suited to journalism, which was my original career goal (I’m a rebel. Yup, that’s me). If anyone gets the “lawyer” type, will you let us know? I’d get bored too quickly to look it up myself — I may have “zany charm,” but I also have a “short attention span.” Ask Butt (heh). Okay, ok, actually that was from Heiss, I believe. Still: Butt. Poor dude. ūüôā

…But I Still Haven’t Found Who I’m Looking For 2006 July 29

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I don’t know about the rest of you starry-eyed lawyer hopefuls, but I am painfully single.

It’s not that it hurts to be single. In fact, I much¬†prefer being alone to being lonely in a crappy relationship. I like¬†singledom right now – because I’m moving out of the city, because I don’t have any ties to the city besides relatives and friends, because I’m starting a new life away from the men of my past.

What’s painful is my inability to find another man out there compatible with me. Or my¬†perfect man’s inability to find me!¬†Yes, I’m young. And yes, I still have lots of ripe eggs. And yes, I’m not looking to settle down right now. But I wonder if I will ever find that person that fits me, that gets me. There have been moments where I fooled myself into thinking that so-and-so was for me. But he ended up being…well…not.

I know this sounds awful – but no¬†guy I’ve ever dated could match me. Their collective faults¬†that outweighed the positives are many¬†– boring, lazy, deluded, deep in denial, abusive, egocentric, self-aggrandizing, low self-esteem, etc. I tried being the mother, I tried being the caregiver…but hey, it’s not my job to nurture them vis a vis¬†being their shrink. I want to find someone who is already whole – or who at least is willing to work on themselves (I would put myself into the latter category).

So this is how my¬†post relates to law: I’ve been told that the chances of me marrying a fellow lawyer/law student are about 80%. Apparently¬†I’ll find people¬†in law school who possess all or at least most of the following traits:¬†analytical, detail-oriented, strong-willed, kind-hearted, pulled-together, very intelligent, socially able, articulate, fun-loving…everything I could possibly want in a man.

I’m sorry if I come off sounding like a whiny¬†elitist (hey, maybe I am…haha). It just sucks when I see obstensibly happy couples walking around with their fingers intertwined – I envy them.¬†I used to wish sometimes that I was of bright average/average intelligence so that I could truly happily¬†dating¬†a guy of bright average/average intelligence. Those men are more plentiful than¬†the man of my dreams – the man of impossible intelligence, kindness,¬†creativity, and secure sense of self. Sigh!

Can I predict issues or what? 2006 July 28

Posted by Lily in News and politics.

So Michigan is trying to pass a set of bills that would make abortion clinics determine whether a woman was “coerced” into having an abortion.

I have to scamper out the door, but dig up my last post on the subject, and you’ll smell what I’m stepping in.

EDIT: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2005-2006/billengrossed/House/htm/2006-HEBH-5882.htm

“Coercion” includes saying and doing things that men have a right to say and to do, most notably the right to move out and file for divorce if she continues the pregnancy.

If it’s really about “domestic abuse,” why include those provisions?

My Worry about My New Career 2006 July 28

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I am unable to drink. Even just a few sips of alcohol kills my stomach and I feel like I want to die. People always tell me, “Oh, you just need to drink more and you’ll become more tolerant” because they think I am a big liar or a big wuss. I urge them to try drinking when it makes them feel awful immediately. I don’t mind going out to bars on occasion, but it’s not an activity I participate in regularly because I don’t really find acting as the DD everytime wondrously exciting.

I’m worried about about a career in law because I hear drinking is more prevalent there than in other careers. I’m not too worried about making friends in school because I know how to deal with that now- at first people think I’m weird, but then they get over it. People seem to distrust non-drinkers though. We see drinkers when they are vulnerable and actually remember everything that happens at work functions. If I have to go apply for a job where I’m wined and dined, I can’t participate in the “wined” part of the experience. Will people think I’m weird? Ungracious? A recovering alcoholic? Hmm…

Update 2006 July 28

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In this post I threw a fit about my real life meeting the internet. I have good news. After having the webmaster remove the evil comment, I received an e-mail from Google. They informed me that after I had worked with the webmaster they would be happy to remove the cache & comment from their search results. So, now, one only has the title of the page  and a link to the updated page. No one can figure out what was said about me or why that page specifically comes up in the search results. Thank god. I was freaking out.

And the person who did it is going to have a fun little miserable legal life if I ever come across her when I move back to SF (She’s going to law school now too. I pity her classmates).

Alcoholics Anonymous 2006 July 28

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See? I don’t make up the statistics I prattle on about: it just takes the media a while to catch up to me.

Also, compare the New York Times article with the onse from News Medical Net and Health Day.

The shoddy reporting, bias, and complete misunderstanding of what the study is actually about is so infuriating I don’t even know where to start. Oh, wait, I do.

1. THE STUDY WAS COMPARING AA’S EFFICACY TO OTHER PROGRAMS, YOU FUCKING MORONS — NOT TO NO TREATMENT. The only time it’s consistently the best option is if you compare it to nothing.

2. I really like how these articles — and NYT’s article in specific — goes out of its way to apologize for AA. And by “like” I mean “am disturbed by.” If AA worked for you, or your mom, or your spouse, that’s great. The problem is, the teetotaling doesn’t work for everyone. By effectively framing the discussion in terms of “AA still best and only option,” you’re effectively robbing people of the opportunity to try programs that could work for them — while giving them a totally unnecessary guilt trip in the process.

3. If you’re going to be a medical reporter, for the love of God, learn how to use PubMed. There may be no randomized, controlled clinical trials, but this is not the only paper on the topic. (Although to be fair, none of the ones that compare AA to other treatments make AA look spectacular. For that, you need to compare AA to nothing.)

4. Ultimately, alcoholism isn’t a disease. Hell, even AA’s treatment structure tacitly admits that: willpower, guilt, and self-loathing don’t cure any disease. In medicine, guilt may be attached to getting the illness, but it isn’t used as an actual course of treatment.

Phew. I feel better now.

Confessions of an Underachiever 2006 July 27

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I keep on reading all these posts about how people are reading books, signing up for their state bar association, and doing other studious activities to prepare for law school. My preparation attemps consist of watching lots of DVDs and books that are unrelated to law school, thinking about how to decorate my new apartment while recycling most of the current furniture/accessories, having health problems [I always get this before I move from my hometown, why?], reading trashy novels, seeing the touristy areas of my area, and other equally worthwhile endeavors that are sure to increase my intellectual capacity. When I moved abroad, I was equally engaged in preparation and probably knew how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you before setting foot in the country. I did fine there, so I think I will be okay picking this up without doing much prep beforehand.

Don’t get me wrong. When I have stuff I need to do, I work efficiently and tend to finish it in a timely fashion. I’ve been a tech writer before so I have some idea of how to read through dense material and pull out what’s relevant. I just feel like reading any books before law school will put me into some sort of panic and make me freak out that I am going to be completely inadequate because all my classmates have been reading hornbooks and listening to LEEWS all summer. Am I destined to failure?

Bits and Pieces 2006 July 27

Posted by schooled in Randomness.

The lovely thing about my new school is that they let you take your own student ID/career services photo and send it in… the problem with that is that you have to decide what it looks like — do you dress up? dress down? smile? scowl? be professional or casual? These are important questions, people.

In other news, I started packing a month ago. I thought it would be a good idea because when I pack for long stretches, I tend to degenerate into dumping stuff in boxes willy nilly. Kitchen utensils? Paper clips? Odd scraps of paper? toss ’em in with my shoes. I’ll sort it when I get there, dammit! I had hoped that starting early would keep me on the organized Sharpie-marked track. It worked — sorta. At least I boxed the shoes with socks, not rolling pins.

…it’s interesting the stuff you find while going through your old things, though. Cringingly embarrassing old diaries (oh lord, did I really write “his gaze leaves me in ecstasicies” (sp)…. yes, yes I did), vintage photos (hey look! it’s a poodle-human cross! no, wait, that’s just me with a perm), lost trinkets that used to be so precious (Tamagochi, anyone?). It makes you remember your childhood and in my case, that’s a beautiful memory. I was given so many things — stuff, yes, but also opportunities, chances, encouragement in everything from school to creating an actual flying broom (don’t ask). So here’s to my parents — especially my dad — who allowed me to gather these bits and pieces, these memories… and who still believe in me so much that they want to keep it all in case I become famous and they can open a museum. Which is fine by me, but that diary? Never gonna see the light of day.